Turn Bingo Wings Into Long, Lean Muscle With This One Simple Move

by | Oct 23, 2018 | Fitness

Got bingo wings? Well, Annie, get your guns with this simple and effective move: the triceps extension.

PSA: those oft-ignored soft-and-squishies behind your biceps need more TLC, especially if you want to get more definition in your arms. That’s because they’re made up of three components and are the bigger parts of your upper arms, says physiotherapist Tak Wing Yu. Your biceps, on the other hand, are made up of only two segments. Plus, your triceps aren’t just there for show either: they keep you stabilised during moves like push-ups and planks, says Virgin Active master trainer Aneeka Buys.

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What’s So Cool About The Triceps Extension?

What’s cool about the triceps extension is that it can move in different ways: from in and out (pictured) to up and down behind your head. Supplement the move with other pushing movements, like skull crushers, push-ups and bench presses. And remember to keep your elbows tucked in to your torso to fully activate your triceps – you want to isolate these muscles and not rely on your biceps for support. As with any weighted move, you could injure your wrists and elbows if you start too heavy, don’t warm up properly or have shoddy form. So keep it controlled and steady.

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Mix it up. Try these variations for max gains:

Triceps Extension To Squat

Stand with feet wider than hipwidth apart, holding a 6kg dumbbell (R200 at MrP Sport) overhead with both arms. Lower the dumbbell behind your head. As you extend back up, lower into a squat.

Triceps Superset

Sitting on a bench, hold a 4kg dumbbell (R140 at MrP Sport) in each hand and do 10 extensions, then drop the weights and do 10 triceps dips. Aneeka Buys, Virgin Active master trainer.

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Pick your weights. “Each person is different and weights are relative,” says Aneeka Buys. Use this nifty guide at your next session.

If You’re A Beginner

Start with a 4kg weight and move mindfully. “Your last three reps should be very difficult to complete,” says Buys.

If You’re Toning Up

Do 15 to 20 reps. “If you can complete 20 with ease, up the weight,” says Buys.

If You Want To Grow Muscle

Do the move up to four times a week, aiming for fatigue on the thirteenth or fourteenth rep, says Tak Wing Yu. Up your weight if you’re finding it too easy.

Avoid if… You’ve got an upper-body injury – check with your doc beforehand.

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