These Biracial Twins Will Steal Your Heart (They’re Rare And So Cute)

by | Jan 27, 2017 | FitMama, Health

The oh-so adorable Kalani and Jerani Dean are fraternal twins, which are known for having distinct physical features (in some cases the features differ more noticeably than others). The American-born pair have shut down the internet for not only being crazy cute, but also biracial. We’re talking monochrome babies, where one appears to be white, the other black.

How Did This Happen Though?

Each twin obviously takes after each parent: Kalani after her mom, Whitney Meyer, who is white, and Jarani after her dad, Tomas Dean, who is black. “But in this family, we don’t see colour,” says Meyer. “Love is love.” Yaaas, love stays winning!

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The Science Behind It…

A small number of genes are responsible for an individual’s skin colour, and there’s only a one in 500 chance that twins will have different skin colours, the BBC reported. All fraternal twins, including Kalani and Jarani, were formed with separate eggs fertilised by two different sperm cells.

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“We don’t know how often it happens because not all cases come to our attention,” explains Dr Nancy Segal, psychology professor and director of the Twin Studies Center at California State University. “I imagine it’s going to happen more frequently now that we have more mixed marriages,” she adds.

Same, Same But Different!

Like all twins, the girls are also distinct in ways over and above their skin colour: Kalani, who has darker skin than her sister, is energetic and already crawling, while Jarani prefers eating and hasn’t yet expressed an interest in crawling, say their parents.

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