Cheat’s Quick-Soak Bircher Muesli Breakfast Recipe

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Because a time-crunch shouldn’t stand in the way of being healthy…

Desperate to eat healthily, but just never feel like you have the time? Bircher muesli is such a wholesome spring/summer breakfast but soaking the oats overnight is easy to forget the day before. Try food writer Jill Dupleix’s Summer Porridge recipe that only calls for a 30-minute soak – brilliant for those who don’t always plan ahead.

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Boil the kettle, pour some water over your oats and some into your cup and by the time your coffee is finished your oats will be ready. This recipe serves two, so the other half can go into the fridge for the next morning and the beauty is, there’s no harm in letting it stand longer if you only get to breakfast at the end of your morning routine. Add whatever nuts, seeds, berries or dried fruit you prefer, a grated Granny Smith apple.

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Note: These quick-soak oats serve 2.

What You Need

80g rolled oats
250ml freshly boiled water
Fresh lemon juice (optional)

To Serve

Plain yoghurt
Raw almonds, chopped
Raw honey


Pour the boiling water over the oats, add the lemon juice and leave to stand for 15 minutes. Fold through the yoghurt, sprinkle over almonds and linseeds, top with banana and honey and serve.

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