Hey Eco Warriors – The BMW i3 Has Zero Local Emissions

by | Aug 10, 2018 | Motoring

These days there are so many cars to choose from that selecting a new ride can be a pretty daunting task. And because they can cost more than your current savings, you don’t want to rush into making a decision and end up with a dreaded lemon. To make your life easier, we’ve lined up the best options to meet your needs.

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Eco Wheels: BMW i3

Who’s it for? Those who care more about Mother Earth than they do about what they drive.

What makes it great? The BMW i brand has established itself as a pioneer for forward-thinking mobility and the i3 has become the best-selling electric car in the premium compact segment. It has zero local emissions, therefore guilt-free driving all the way! And its dynamic character means you look good driving it too. It has a top speed of just 150km/h, but who needs more when it’s illegal to drive past 120km/h anyway.

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Charging at home is extremely user-friendly thanks to the BMW I Wallbox, which, in its most recent incarnation, can supply 11kW of power to charge the high-voltage battery. This allows enough energy for an electric range of around 180km to be transferred in under three hours – five times quicker than with the standard charging cable. From R637 300

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Not only has it got a super-low fuel consumption of just 3.6 litres/100km, it also won’t break the bank at R307 900 brand new. It’s powered by a 1.5-litre turbodiesel engine so it’s no slow coach either. With regards to fuel consumption, it’s in line with the Ford Fiesta – and we’re eagerly awaiting the new Fiesta to hit our shores, so keep an eye out.

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