“I Lost 14 Kilos In Three Months — And Gained A Whole Lot Of Body Confidence”

by | Jul 24, 2018 | Weight Loss

Often weight loss is simply about committing to being healthier. Andrea Brink learnt that a three-month reset was the key to unlocking a world of change.

Andrea Brink


Occupation: Caesarstone consultant

Height: 1.69m

Weight before: 85kg

Weight after: 71kg

Time taken to lose weight: 3 months

Secret weight-loss weapon: Huba Fitness Team

The Gain

Andrea comes from a very healthy and active family and she did rhythmic gymnastics for 10 years. But over time, her lifestyle changed. “I was trapped in an unhappy state of being; I looked at myself in an unforgiving, negative light,” she says. And because she was not taking good care of herself, she gradually picked up weight – lots of it. “I wasn’t exercising at all, but binge-eating instead,” she admits. Her grub of choice? Anything high in saturated fat and refined carbs – in big portions.

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The Change

“I had an emotional breakthrough that allowed me to re-evaluate and see myself from another perspective,” says Andrea. “I started feeling uncomfortable at social events,” she says. So, she decided to take action on the changes she wanted to see.“I heard about the 12-week Huba challenge and decided it was the perfect way to start my journey,” she says. To round out the challenge, she ditched carbs and unhealthy fats.

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The Lifestyle

“I trained at Huba five days a week, along with outdoor activities on the weekends,” she says. “Our workouts at the gym vary from functional training to strength, core and cardio.”

Her plate also did a complete 180. “I wake up to a chai and fruit shake and lunch on salads that are left over from the previous night’s supper,” she says.

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The Reward

“I feel amazing, more comfortable and really positive about my body again. So many people kept on commenting on how I was doing and how the weight kept on dropping off,” says Andrea. Her confidence started creeping back. Now, she’s in a happy place, two dress sizes down and a whole lot fitter. And she ended up winning the Huba 12-week challenge. Talk about smashing your goals.

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