THIS Is Boity Thulo’s Go-To Exercise For A Tight Booty

by | Sep 1, 2016 | Fitness

Photograph by Louis Botha

Hands up if you love Boity Thulo as much as we do! And keep those hands up if you wish you had her booty.

Well, guess what — she shared her secret to those tight curves and it’s as easy as one move…

Her #1 Move

Drum roll… It’s squats! “To be honest, I do squats for almost everything except my arms,” says Boity. ” I feel like squats help with abs, bums and legs. I depend on squats — for exercise, I’ll try to fit in 200 of them.” If you want to up the ante with your squats try these toning combos.

So what about her perfectly-sculpted upper body? “I use small weights (four-kilogram dumbbells) to do different kinds of exercises. Jumping jacks [or star jumps] help a lot with arms and shoulders.” And if she can’t hit the gym? “Making circles with your arms,” she says. It’s a simple, but effective move when you can’t grab weights.

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Her Exercise Plan

How does this woman on the move fit it all in — and then some? “It depends on my schedule. Some days are more difficult than others, but I try to go for a maximum of four days and I’m also comfortable with three days — I do skip a day in between.”

While she doesn’t beat herself up about an off-day, she doesn’t do excuses either… “If I can’t do gym due to my tight schedule, I’ll try to exercise whenever I can. I’m also not entirely dependent on going to the gym. I use a lot of my time at home to exercise as well — I don’t make being at home an excuse not to exercise.” Listening, y’all?

Try these booty building moves:

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Her Typical Fit Day

“Each day depends on what my personal trainer advises me to do. If I’m home alone, I use a lot of different YouTube videos that I can learn from and basically copy. I think people should use the Internet to their advantage. There’s no excuse anymore — if you have a smartphone, you have access to different kinds of exercises.” Again with the no-excuses attitude we love — and can all learn from!

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Her Main Motivation 

“The mission is to look and feel healthy — if I know that’s the mission, then I will go until I’m done.”

And then there are those exercise-induced feel-good hormones… “When endorphins are released, you enjoy the feeling — [they] keep you going back to working out. If you’re used to working out, you start feeling sluggish and start missing the gym [if you skip it], but I don’t think you miss the pain! I think it’s the endorphins that you released. Endorphins are what keep me going during a gym session.”

Want to know more about Boity’s healthy lifestyle? This is the diet secret she swears by and her secret weapon for losing the last of those extra kilos.

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