4 Awkward Boob Questions You Actually Need Answered ASAP

by | May 16, 2017 | Health

Boobs. You’ve got them – so you need to know this about them…

1. Fluid is leaking from my nipples and I’m not pregnant. What gives?

It’s not unusual for weird-looking stuff to drip from the nipples, says gynaecologist Dr Dayna Salasche. It can come in many colours – yellow, green, white, grey, red – and vary from thick and sticky to thin and watery. Non-pregnancy-related discharge can occur either spontaneously or from stimulation (squeezing or sucking) and is most often the result of a benign papilloma (a non-cancerous tumour), an infection or a drug side effect. In rare cases, leakage can signal a hormonal imbalance or even breast cancer, so if you aren’t knocked up, consult your doctor.

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2. Do some women really have a third nipple?

Are you sitting down? Good. Here’s the truth: some women (and men) have up to six nipples. “When a foetus is forming, it develops something called a milk line that’s studded with nipples and runs from the armpits to the groin,” says gynaecologist Dr Michael Yang. “It looks like what dogs and cats have, but in humans it usually disappears before birth.” Except when it doesn’t. Sometimes supernumerary nipples come with extra tissue and develop like regular breasts; typically, though, they just sit on your skin – sans areolae – and look more like moles or skin tags than budding boobs. Not loving your extra teats? They can easily be removed with minor surgery.

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3. Is it possible to breastfeed after having an augmentation?

Usually. Most breast implants don’t interfere with feeding, says Dr Todd Malan. However, 20 percent of implants need to be readjusted surgically within the first year and about 30 percent rupture after a decade. So while the original procedure might not affect feeding, the more surgeries you have, the more ligament damage is done and the more your breasts will sag. If you decide to lift that droopiness with even more surgery, your milk ducts might get damaged, which would interfere with nursing. Long story short: be sure your surgeon gives you all the details.

4. Is it harder to detect breast cancer if you have implants?

Yes. Implants can get in the way during exams, potentially hiding small tumours. They can also make it more difficult for medical professionals to take and read mammograms, says Malan.

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