Boost Your Immunity, Look Younger And Feel Better With These Health Shots!

by | Jun 1, 2020 | Food & Nutrition

Little doses of goodness, health shots are an easy, quick way to boost your nutrient intake. But, we don’t necessarily want to — or can’t — head out to a juice store every day. With the cold weather sinking in and COVID-19 cases on the rise, we’re definitely getting more products delivered! And we love supporting our local businesses through delivery too!

BOS — known for their amazing rooibos and ice teas — have launched a new range of power shots, which you can have delivered to your home. They are packed with nutrients and come in four varieties to meet your lockdown needs. What’s great about them is that they last a couple months, so you can order your case and have shots on tap! Very handy!

The BOS Health Shots

The health shots are available in four flavours: Bounce Back, Chill Out, Let It Glow and Gut A Problem. Each flavour contains a concentrated boost of organic rooibos, along with functional ingredients high in essential vitamins – and what’s great, they have zero added sugar!

Bounce Back = Immune Boosting.

Ingredients: brewed organic rooibos, vitamin C, orange, lemon, ginger and turmeric. We know how great these ingredients are for our health! So these health shots are packed with anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. These nutrients boost the immune system and help the body heal, easing flu-like symptoms.

Chill Out = Mood Relaxing.

Ingredients: brewed organic rooibos, broad-spectrum hemp-derived CBD and sour cherry juice. There’s no THC (the psychoactive cannabinoid that causes the “high”) in these health shots. CBD oil helps create better communication between our cells to maintain internal balance. Additionally, rooibos has its own calming properties. Plus, sour-cherry juice is rich in melatonin, the hormone which helps you sleep. All of these ingredients help ease stress and create calm.

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Let It Glow = Anti-Aging.

Ingredients: brewed organic rooibos, strawberry juice, raspberry juice, grape juice and collagen peptides. What is collagen and how does it improve skin? Collagen is a protein that forms connective tissue in the body, acting like the “glue” which holds everything together. Consuming collagen peptides reduces the appearance of ageing. How? It increases elasticity, skin hydration, dermal collagen density and promotes healing. And we all need a little of that!

Gut A Problem = Probiotic Healing.

Ingredients: brewed organic rooibos, grape juice, probiotics and apple-cider vinegar. Each BOS probiotic shot contains 1 Billion colony forming units (CFU) of Bacillus coagulans, per serving. Why this number matters? Studies show that this amount supports and boosts gut health. Combining these probiotics with prebiotics (like rooibos and grape juice) increases beneficial bacteria and organic acids in the gut. All of this improves general gut health.

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All of the shots are vegan except for the Let It Glow, which contains animal-derived collagen.

What The WH Team Thinks:

Amy, Managing Editor

“I’m a massive rooibos fan and drink many cups of plain rooibos tea throughout the day — especially in winter! I love the naturally sweeter taste of rooibos and the fact that it has no caffeine. Too much caffeine makes me feel anxious. I also know that rooibos is packed with its own immune- and mood-boosting properties, so I feel healthier when I drink it. I love having a combination of these health shots in my cupboard and fridge so that I can pick one that suits my needs each day. If my tummy has been a bit up and down — as it gets — then I’ll boost up with the Gut A Problem? shot. If I’m feeling a little run down, I take the Bounce Back shot. I like taking one after I’ve been for a run.”

Dan, WH & MH Editorial Director

“I’m all about looking juicier, but I am bored, bored, bored of making meals in lockdown. Which is why I am ignoring the many collagen-loaded benefits of bone broth — which is a huge source of the good stuff! — and taking these BOS health shots instead… Collagen plays a major role in strengthening skin and aids in elasticity and hydration, but, as we age, our bodies don’t produce as much as they used to. This leads to dry skin and the formation of wrinkles — joy! Supplementing the body’s natural collagen production has been shown through studies to increase your own collagen production too, so its basically a win-win.”

Wani, WH Deputy Editor

“There’s never been a more important time to keep your immune system boosted than now. Daily doses of vitamin C and other antioxidants which fight inflammation can also bring you back from the brink of catching that cold. And help you heal faster if you do get sick. I normally find the ginger and lemon in freshly squeezed shots too strong and it burns my throat. This shot has all the goodness, but isn’t as harsh to swallow as others. It’s actually quite yummy! And it contains zero added sugar.”

How To Get BOS Health Shots

BOS rooibos products are available in supermarkets countrywide, but you can order online here.

At only R175 per 10 shots (or R600 for 40), it’s an affordable way to keep your body boosted up with healthy nutrients every day.

For more information on the health benefits of rooibos, read here. Or watch this video below.

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