Give Your Braai A Taiwanese Twist With These Chicken Heart Skewers

by | Feb 8, 2019 | Recipes

“My family, and most East Asian families I know, always braai in a way that we eat the food as soon as it comes off the fire – there’s no waiting until it’s all done and no ‘resting’ of the meat. So we’ll snack on chicken-heart skewers while braaiing the next item. Chicken heart is my favourite kind of offal – I enjoy the unique texture and flavour. They’re tender and chewy, not far off from red meat,” says Ming-Cheau Lin.

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Tip: Marinate the meat the night before, if possible, for the best flavour.

The brains behind the braai…

Ming-Cheau Lin is a South African foodie of Taiwanese descent who’s created a cookbook marrying the two cuisines and we can’t get enough of the healthy bone broths, spicy braai ideas and simple sides. This recipe is from Just Add Rice: Stories And Recipes By A Taiwanese South African (Quivertree), by Ming-Cheau Lin, R375.

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