5 Ways Breastfeeding Is Encouraged Around The World

by | Aug 14, 2019 | FitMama

South Africa is one of the countries with the lowest breastfeeding rates in the world. This beautiful encounter between a mother and a baby creates a special connection. Women around the world, sadly experienced difficulties with this natural process, especially with breastfeeding in public areas.

Thankfully, a few countries have made health care advances for mother’s who breastfeed.

Here’s how these countries have improved their breastfeeding rates.

1/ Leave and pay in Sweden

Women in Sweden can take up to 15 month’s maternity leave at an 80% pay rate. Mothers can take care of their babies well beyond the recommended breastfeeding time (six months), without having to worry about how to pay their bills

2/ Human milk banks in South Africa

The country has invested heavily in donor milk provision where mothers donate their breastmilk in support of other mothers who struggle to produce their own, as well as for premature babies and newborns too. Breastmilk is donated by eligible women who are breastfeeding and have excess milk and deliver it to Netcare Ncelisa human milk banks and at 37 Netcare maternity facilities. The milk is then pasteurised, tested, frozen and safely stored.

3/ Bangladesh formula ban

In 2017, Bangladesh fully adopted a policy that eradicates the usage of formula milk for babies under six months.

4/ Mother’s bill in Kenya

Kenya is at the forefront when it comes to supporting mothers in the corporate space. In May 2017, members of parliament passed a law, that provides mother’s who are back at work with a room equipped with a refrigerator to store breastmilk. Since then, several companies have provided women with breastfeeding stations at the office.

5/ Milk for the whole family in Mongolia

Breastfeeding older babies in Mongolia is celebrated. Some mothers breastfeed until their children are two years old. It’s also not strange for dad to enjoy a glass of ‘mothers milk’ for breakfast.

PS: New mom’s – don’t hide the natural beauty of breastfeeding. If you’re not a mom, be mindful and compassionate to women who are breastfeeding.

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