Amber Tamblyn Gets Real About The Side-Effects Of Breastfeeding

by | Mar 13, 2017 | FitMama

by Alice Paulse; photography by Amber Tamblyn/Instagram

Proof that motherhood can get messy

Breastfeeding has always been a hot topic and recently there was controversy about breastfeeding your baby in public. It’s something that has lots of first-time moms feeling awkward but this celeb mom got real about her leakage and more…

This is definitely one messier side of motherhood and Amber Tamblyn got real about this common breast issue that can happen to new moms- leakage. We tend to forget that no matter how amazing they look in cover shoots or on the red carpet, they’re just like us. There is no golden ticket to perfection.

Amber Tamblyn has always kept it real on social media and her first postpartum (also called postnatal depression or PPD) photograph is no different. The actress and feminist announced the birth of her daughter a week and a half ago. When she posted a picture on Instagram which she captioned, “#TheFutureIsFemale ?”.  A few days into being new to motherhood, she’s not shy about showing what goes into having a child. (Hint: a lot. It takes a lot).

She shared this snap on Saturday where she is wearing sweatpants. A grey tee that’s hanging off her shoulder, and a slight smirk, the actress took a neck-down selfie of her breast leakage — i.e, the patches of milk splattered across her shirt.

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Tamblyn used the funniest and probably the realist captions such as “Who Wore It Better? “ Left tit or right tit?” hashtagging it #MilkLife and #StarsTheyreJustLikeUs!”

Joining other celeb moms on the Celebrity Club of Realness like Chrissy Teigen and Kristen Bell, who have openly shared their experiences as new moms by giving an honest portrayal of motherhood and keeping it real.

Breastfeeding Leakage

If you’re wondering or haven’t experienced this just yet, leaking is common, especially if the infant is young. As that is when milk production is especially high and breasts are still finding their groove when it comes to how much milk to make at a time. Something that’s often considered a social taboo to share.

It is encouraging to know that these celebs are tackling the subject and publicising some of the hardships new mothers face.

TV shows like Jane the Virgin have started engaging in the subject in more real ways however Tamblyn is prove that you don’t have to bare it all, to get your point across. By keeping her shirt on, she shows the demanding, exhausting and confusing moments. That moms experience as they have to adjust their life after giving birth.

It is natural, it is normal, and it’s nothing to be shy about. We applaud Amber for being brave enough to post a snap and remind women that having a sense of humour is key throughout the ups and downs of being a newbie to motherhood.

Bottom line… leakage happens and it’s okay!

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