We Asked Trainers To Analyse Britney Spears’ Latest Instagram Workout

by | Sep 1, 2017 | Fitness

By Nina Bahadur, photography courtesy of Instagram

These moves are NOT easy.

If you’re not following Britney Spears on Instagram, you’re doing it wrong. Brit regularly shares clips from her performances, cute pictures of her sons, and truly excellent #tbts. Oh, and her exercise posts are incredible—her most recent workout vid got over two million views in two days.

The Instagram video shows Britney doing an outdoor workout using her bodyweight, kettlebells, dumbbells, and a mat. Fitness trainer Anja Garcia identified each move for Women’s Health and explained which muscles Spears is working. “In the video Britney is doing a lot of exercises that focus on core strength,” Garcia explains. “She doesn’t get those abs for nothing.”

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Beautiful day for an outdoor workout!!! ?

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The first move is a warrior lunge to triangle pose, which Garcia says is great for “building leg strength, mobility and balance.” Next are kettlebell overhead raises, which strengthen shoulders and increase core strength. That tricky-looking mat move is a chaturanga pushup to down dog, which Garcia describes as a “complex move to strength the shoulders, chest, triceps, and abs, while also working through a nice mobility flow.” Next there’s a three-legged dog to plank knee drive, to improve flexibility and core strength. Finally, Spears does a few biceps curls.

Celebrity trainer Lacey Stone describes the total workout as “yoga fusion” and says it’s a great addition to the crazy amount of dancing Spears does. “This workout is a mix of traditional yoga poses fused with resistance training,” Stone says. “This blending of techniques focuses on combining mind and body exercises with the benefits of strength, balance, and flexibility.”

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Stone also broke down that complicated chatarunga pushup to downward-facing dog move: Start in a high plank, then move through chatarunga. Move into a cobra or upward-facing dog, then send your hips up and back to a downward-facing dog.

If you’re tired just reading that, you’re not alone. Spears has been working crazy hard—even while on the road—and it’s paying off big time.

Staying focused????

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Thanks for the workout inspo, Brit!

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