No Need To Run! This Is The Exact Way To Burn Fat With Walking

by | Mar 12, 2019 | Fitness

There are two types of people in the world: runners and people who hate running. Like with coriander and pineapple on a pizza, there’s really no middle ground. If you fall into the second category, chances are, you’ve tried running because you felt like it was something you should do. But just a couple hundred metres in, you felt like you were drowning on land, your heart was threatening to leap out of your mouth and you got a stitch. Sound familiar? Then this workout, from the Women’s Health Big Book of Walking Workouts, is for you. Turns out, you can burn fat just by tweaking your schedule slightly so you sneak some extra walking into different times of the day.

Walk Off Tummy Fat

Exercise that increases your aerobic fitness helps you lose twice as much belly fat as a leisurely activity. By including bouts of energetic activity into your day, you’ll start whittling your waistline without ever having to go for a run. Nope, not even a five-kay. That said, the faster you walk, the more intense the burn. Bend your elbows, pump your arms, keep your chin up and push off your toes with each step.

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Your Belly-Fat Burning Day At A Glance

Pre-work: Walk up five flights of stairs. Take the #WHStairsChallenge – for the month of March, use the stairs instead of the lift at work at least two days a week. Tag @womenshealthmagsa on Instagram use the hashtag to rope in your friends.

Midday: Grab a colleague and go for a walk. Start by walking easily for five minutes, then pick up the pace to a brisk walk for ten minutes. Go as fast as you can for two minutes, then bring it back to brisk for five minutes. Repeat the two-minute/five-minute brisk cycle one more time, then finish with one minute at top speed. Cool down with a five-minute stroll back to the office.

Post-Work: Take a 15-minute stroll, then do five minutes of stretching.

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Up Your Walking Burn

The irony: as you get fitter and leaner, you may find that you actually want to give running a go. But if you don’t, simply up your walking intensity by adding a dose of strength training.  Do this circuit three times a week.

1/ March for five minutes.

2/ Perform one minute of each, in order: push-ups, jumping jacks, ab crunches, marching, squats, jumping jacks, plié squats – squat with feet wide apart and toes pointed out

3/ Repeat the circuit.

4/ March for two minutes.

5/ Stretch for two minutes.

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Want more ways to hit your goals with walking? The Women’s Health Big Book Of Walking Workouts is full of walking tips and routines that’ll help you get there. There are home workouts to help you build strength without the gym and stretches to keep you mobile and injury free. It’s on sale now at stores nationwide.

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