The One Move That Targets Your Butt, Abs And Thighs All At Once

by | Jul 19, 2018 | Fitness

Here’s what Caster Semenya and Black Panther’s Okoye have in common: they’re both able to execute tough moves with great power. For mortals, part of the training for that power comes from explosive – or plyometric – exercises, like tuck jumps, says personal trainer Inge Bezuidenhout. But they’re not just great for sprinters and warriors. “Explosive, power-based training is also shown to improve physical performance in endurance athletes, such as cross-country skiers and distance runners,” Inge says.

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Besides that, these jumps are a great way to tone your butt, core and thighs. “I sometimes use them with my clients after doing a lot of 60cm jumps on a step to make sure that they jump and land in the correct way,” says Inge. Want to try?

Make sure that when you start and land, your knees are slightly bent to absorb the shock. Knees hurt? It doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve got an injury, “It’s just because of the impact. You can warm up by circling your bent knees in a semi squat and by doing a few squats,” Inge says. If you’re struggling to bring your knees to your chest, make sure you’re leaning your shoulders slightly forward.

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Make It A Workout

“Tuck jumps are very good cardio if you do multiple jumps back to back without pausing,” says Inge. Add these variations to your workout to keep it interesting.

Tuck jumping jacks: Do one tuck jump and follow it with one jumping jack.

Burpee tuck jumps: This one’s red-hot. At the jump, tuck your knees in for extra burn.

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Level Down

Struggling to keep up? Try Inge’s step-by-step progressions:

1. Just jump: Jump with two feet, aiming to bend your knees slightly to your chest. That’s one.

2. Do five tuck jumps: Do them at a comfortable pace and add a double bounce in between each jump to help build momentum.

3. Got five down? Work your way to 10, focusing on form over speed.

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