Here’s EXACTLY What It’s Like To Go Through Caffeine Withdrawal

by | May 16, 2017 | Health

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Want to quit coffee but not sure if it’s worth it?

Our fashion assistant, Teresa Agnello, went cold turkey for two weeks. Here’s how she fared.

Why Quit Coffee? 

After seeing a health adviser, I was told that my body’s PH balance was too acidic. My doctor said this can lead to a tampered immune system, which creates ideal conditions for diseases to manifest in. He advised me that the body needs to be as alkaline as possible in order for all your biological systems to function at optimum levels. Some of the foods that contribute to an acidic body are coffee, alcohol, sugar and red meat. Eek!

Picking something to give up wasn’t easy, but I had to let one go. I decided to give up one of the above fluids to see how it will affect my body and mind. I wasn’t going to quit vino, so I went with coffee. Up until then, I’d been drinking around six cups a day, way more than the recommended four cups. Quitting coffee also meant kicking a habit that had been formed over the past ten years and therefore it was a combination of addiction and habit making it even more challenging.

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Days 1 And 2 — Land Of The Migraines, Home Of The Aggressive 

For the first two days, I had terrible headaches accompanied by intense drowsiness in the morning. My head felt foggy and it was hard to focus at work as well as socially. I missed the feeling of being awake and alert like my old self and I found it shocking how dependant my body and mind’s functionality was on caffeine. My running time was also much slower than usual and I started to doubt the sudden change in habit. I had to constantly convince myself to just push through until I could (hopefully) reap the benefits.

Days 3 Onwards — A New Hope 

The benefits came much quicker than expected. After the first week and a half I started to have more energy in the morning and it was much easier to get up than usual. I could feel a rise in my energy levels and also felt much calmer in general. The constant cloud of anxiety over my head was gone and I was not dependant on a caffeine rush in order to stay alert anymore. I even fell asleep much easier at night. I was very surprised to be able to feel the benefits so soon after kicking the habit and overcoming the addiction and will advise it to anyone! I haven’t had the PH test done yet, but I’m sure it’ll reflect positively.

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Should You Bail On Your Flat White? 

Acidity in the body is a real problem and could even lead to bone disease and kidney issues. Sure, coffee’s not the only culprit; in fact, most of the research points only to good things if you drink it in moderation. One caveat: most studies conducted aren’t taking into account the excessive use of milk and sugar in most coffee orders. So if you’re keen on sustaining your habit “for health reasons”, ditch the extras and opt for plain Americano’s.

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