Exactly How To Tell If You Need To Take A Calcium Supplement

by | Mar 26, 2014 | Health, Physical Health

Are you getting enough?

As women we know we need this vital mineral, but how much do you need and should you supplement? Our dietician Celeste Naude has the answers…

Strong bones and teeth need calcium, but this mineral also has many more important functions in the body, like maintaining a normal heartbeat, regulating blood pressure and supporting the nervous system.

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Adult women require 1000mg every day. Here is some practical info on the amount found in some good food sources…


1 cup of fat-free or low-fat milk = approximately 300mg
175ml fat-free or low-fat yoghurt = approximately 210mg

Cheese is also a good source but the amount in a serving depends on the kind of cheese you eat:
30g (about the size of a small match box) Gouda = approximately 240mg
30g Mozzarella = approximately 155mg
30g Feta = approximately 115mg

Tinned Fish

85g tinned salmon with bones: approximately 200mg
85g tinned sardines with bones: approximately 250mg (the bones are very soft and can be eaten)

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1 cup calcium-fortified soya milk: approximately 300mg
½ cup tofu: approximately 250mg

Green Vegetables

½ cup broccoli: approximately 30mg
½ cup cooked spinach: approximately 120mg

Should you supplement?

If you do not eat enough servings of these foods every day, you may need to supplement.

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