“My Goal Was To Lose Weight Before My Wedding — Here’s How I Did It”

by | May 30, 2016 | Weight Loss

Cathryn Reece plans to make her guests’ jaws drop on her wedding day: she’s lost 15kg, found the perfect dress and feels like a new woman. The secret? Simple: “I adopted a healthy lifestyle.” Cathryn weaned herself off lavish meals and started a 10km running programme. “My fiancé and I spend time outdoors together, so it’s been great for our relationship.” And it hasn’t done her figure any harm either.

Here’s the low-down on her weight loss…

Before: 75kg
After: 60kg
Height: 1.63m
Time required to reach current weight: 14months
Lesson learnt: “Your body might be undergoing the change, but it’s your mind that does the hard work”
Secret weapon: Kilojoule counting

The Gain

Cathryn was never one to pass up time with friends and family – especially if food was involved. “Eating rich pastas and juicy burgers instead of grilled steak or salad and pairing it with wine and the company of good friends was a seductive lifestyle,” says Cathryn, whose weight peaked at 75kg in April 2010.

The Change

“I was starting to buy clothes in sizes I’d never worn before and it made me unhappy. I guess I just had to suffer long enough to build up motivation to do something about it.” Even though Cathryn didn’t think she was heavy at the time, her size 14 clothes told a different story.

The Lifestyle

Cathryn began to lose centimetres when she started 45-minute cardio classes, which included weights and strength training, four times a week. But the scale didn’t budge. “After a picnic on a wine farm, I realised that my lifestyle wasn’t good for my bank balance or my belly.” From that day, Cathryn changed her diet too. “I started kilojoule counting. I learnt to swap out yoghurt and fruit for cooked oats. Instead of crackers and tuna for lunch, I ate low-GI and protein-dense meals.”


The Reward

At 60kg, Cathryn is ready to walk down the aisle in October. On top of her gym routine, she’s also started jogging regularly. And having dropped two dress sizes, besides looking good in her wedding dress, she now has a whole new world of clothes and shoes to explore. “I finally own knee-high boots that fit over my calves – I’ve never been able to wear those before!”

Cathryn’s Tips

Stay on course. “I did weekly weigh-ins at home to make sure I was on track.”

Go for broke. “I stopped carrying cash on me, which made it harder to snack when cravings struck.”

Find a good fit. “There’s no one-diet-fits-all solution – you need to listen to your body.”

Want to lose weight? Run this much each week!

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