We Cut Through The Hype And Tried CBD Products For Our Worst Skin Problems

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Love it or hate it, cannabis has health benefits – and people have been using it to treat a multitude of ailments for years. From medicinal to beauty products, CBD is buzzy. And it’s getting louder. A year ago, South African courts passed the law that legalised the cultivation and smoking of cannabis for adults in their homes. So, what did you think was going to happen?

Oh hey Proudly SA CBD-infused skincare

Alchemy Elixzar is a Cape Town produced range of cannabidiol (CBD) infused skincare products. The range, which sports a Skin Elixzar, Facial Cleanser, Moisturiser, Cleansing Bar, Skin Polish, Skin Balm and Facial Spritzer, is created by locals Emi Grobbelaar, a somatologist, and Jena Goncalves, an acupuncturist and acudetox practitioner. Together the entrepreneurial duo have more than 14 years’ experience in the medical and skincare industries – and they’ve turned their attention to CBD. Alchemy Elixzar have just introduced a CBD Oil Ingestible to their product line and the Facial Cleanser, Moisturizer, Skin Elixzar and Refreshing Mist are now available in smaller sizes as part of the “Mini Range” – easier for travelling and cheaper for anyone wanting to test the products out.

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No, it won’t make you high

The unisex range is enriched with pure cannabidiol (CBD), which is the non-psychoactive and non-intoxicating component of the Cannabis plant, known for its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant properties. CBD is beneficial for conditions including acne, pigmentation, eczema, psoriasis and rosacea, as well as skin-sensitivity and cold sores.

Women’s Health managing digital editor, Susan Barrett, and I tested the products for a week and these were our results.

Alchemy Elixzar Range

But first, pre-product testing

Before we received the products, we had to share some info on our skin types:

Ondela Mlandu, 28

My skin type is a combination of oily skin in some areas of my face and dry skin on other parts. I suffer from skin sensitivity and when I’m really stressed, I get cold sores.


CBD Infused Skincare

Susan Barrett, 41

Susan has dry and dehydrated skin. She also has sensitive skin and often gets PMS pimples. When it comes to skin concerns, Susan’s main concern is tackling lines and wrinkles.

Cannabidiol Infused Skincare Products For All Ages

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Then our box of goodies arrived…

The Alchemy Elixzar team provided me with their Cleansing Bar and Facial Moisturiser and Susan with the Facial Cleanser and Skin Elixzar.

My review

Product: The Cleanser Bar contains CBD, activated charcoal and tangerine leaves.

Verdict: I’m usually very sceptical about using a bar of soap when washing my face because my skin is sensitive. From the first lather, I could smell the fragrance of the soap and it lingers on your face even after you rinse your face. I loved how the soap didn’t leave my skin feeling like it was super dry.

Alchemy Elixzar Cleansing Bar

Product: Facial Moisturiser contains CBD, jojoba, clary sage, neroli, lemongrass and hyaluronic acid.

Verdict: The amazing thing about these products is the smell – and it’s far from the cannabis aroma I had anticipated. My skin was left feeling smooth after each application and the moisture lasted the entire day, without giving me a greasy look.

Alchemy Elixzar Facial Moisturiser (comes in regular and mini)

CBD Infused Skincare

Susan’s review

Product: Facial Cleanser contains CBD, clary sage, neroli, plus the anti-inflammatory properties of ylang-ylang.

Verdict: Just like Ondela, I’m super-freaked by soaps and cleaners, which I find tend to dry out my skin to the point of flakiness (yup – my skin is that sensitive). My go-to make-up-remover-slash-cleanser-slash-everything is Garnier Micellar Oil-Infused Cleansing Water – a hard act to follow, I thought. So I was kinda surprised when this proudly Capetonian cleanser A) didn’t irritate my skin B) didn’t dry it out and C) created a beautifully gentle lather and left my face feeling squeaky-clean, extra soft and, frankly, very very happy!

Alchemy Elixzar Facial Cleanser (regular and mini)

Product: Skin Elixzar contains CBD, jojoba, clary sage, neroli and squalane.

Verdict: Oh how I lurve oil (see above). And natural ingredients that smell soooo nice. I literally couldn’t wait to slap it all over and let it slowly seep into the cracks of this dry, prematurely-wrinkly face! (It’s hereditary. My mom looks like the prune you dropped behind the couch three years ago.) And it didn’t disappoint. Those first feels were amazing – think deeply moisturised skin you can’t stop stroking afterwards because it just feels that good. Best part? The first morning after application a colleague remarked that I was looking a little glowy. Guys, I’m 41. Glowy? I almost fell over.

As for whether it’s helping with the lines and pimples, it’s only been a week, so let’s give the products a bit more time, yes? Nothing happens in one week. But what I can say after just seven days for sure is that I’m feeling results – and that bodes well for whether I’ll be seeing results.

Alchemy Elixzar Skin Elixzar (regular and mini)

Cannabidiol Infused Skincare Products For All Ages

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Keen? When can you start using anti-ageing products?

You can start using anti-ageing skincare from the age of 21. It’s just a matter of finding the skincare that is most suitable for your skin type at each stage. Your skin will constantly change. With age, even in your forties, your hormones and health play a big role in how your skin looks. A slight imbalance in diet, health and hormones can cause a variety of skin conditions. And that’s why CBD is so beneficial, since it works on your body’s receptors, treating skin conditions from within.


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