What You Need To Know About CBD Oil In Beauty Products

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Thanks to CBD, it seems like we’re living in somewhat of a marijuana renaissance. Everything from kombucha, chocolate, makeup and skincare have gotten a hemp-infused boost. Ever since the loosening of cannabis laws, and the emerging scientific research of its benefits, the beauty and wellness industry are putting CBD into everything.

The ABCs of CBD

So, what is CBD you ask? Short for cannabidiol, it’s one of many compounds of cannabinoids extracted from the cannabis Sativa plant. The two most well-known cannabinoids are CBD which won’t get you stoned, and THC which will. For decades people only focused on strains of marijuana that cause a high but it wasn’t until the 2000s that scientists discovered the wonders of CBD.

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How does CBD work?

You know that feeling you get after a run or amazing exercise session? Well, that’s the bodies very own natural high, anandamide. What CBD does once it enters the body, is that it naturally affects the body’s endocannabinoid (ECS) system. By increasing the anandamide in the brain and body, it allows anti-inflammatory properties, as well as other properties that scientists are still trying to figure out, to increase. But what we do know so far, is that CBD has been linked to treating anxiety, sleeping problems, pain, as well as mood issues.

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So, why CDB oil in beauty products?

When you apply CBD products to the skin, it doesn’t enter the bloodstream but rather stays at the skin’s upper layers. A 2014 study found that CBD helps suppress breakouts by regulating oil production of the sebaceous glands. This allows for the anti-inflammatory properties to directly treat skin issues like acne, eczema and psoriasis. While there is more research to be done, what doctors and researchers have seen so far, CDB might be the answer to clear, healthy skin.

Want to see if there’s any truth to the wonders of CBD? Try out these brands CBD infused products to add some chill to your day.


The proudly South African brand first launched with their CDB infused water and drops now they have ventured into skincare. The products combine the nutritional benefits of CBD and hemp seed oil with various other oils derived from African botanicals — including Green Rooibos, Kalahari Melon, Marula, Baobab and Namibian Myrrh – to create the perfect skincare range for all skin types.

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Alchemy Elixzar

Another proudly South African brand, Alchemy Elixzar believe that the best products are simple, natural and include only essential beneficial ingredients.  By adding the purest CBD into Alchemy Elixzar skincare range, they feel passionate about making cannabidiol accessible and creating unique CBD enriched skincare products in South Africa.

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