Chase The Sun Bloemfontein Is Almost Here! 5 Reasons You Don’t Want To Miss Out

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It’s nearly time for Chase The Sun Bloemfontein and we can’t wait! Here’s what you can look forward to on the day, plus why you really don’t want to miss out on this awesome experience, brought to you in partnership with our friends at Volksblad. It’s all happening on 19 October at 6:30 am in the beautiful Free State Botanical Gardens.

What Is Chase The Sun Bloemfontein?

It’s an early-morning outdoor fitness event for women, consisting of three fun fitness classes, back to back, over about an hour and a half. So instead of hitting the gym for one class, you get three different types of movement. And instead of being in a stuffy gym studio, you’re out in nature. The event starts at sunrise and it’s all wrapped up by 9:30 am so you still have the whole day ahead of you. Here’s why you don’t want to miss out…

You don’t need to be super fit.

Going to a workout class can be intimidating. We know, because even here at WH HQ, we’ve been that girl hiding in the back row of an aerobics class, struggling to keep up. But the best thing about fitness? Everyone starts somewhere. And Chase The Sun Bloemfontein is the perfect time to get back on the fitness wagon after a long break, start your fitness journey from scratch, or just see what this whole fitness thing is about. The classes are fun and energetic, but they’re not hard. Plus the group is big enough that you can just do you without feeling self-conscious. And if you are super-fit already? This is most fun active rest day you’ll ever have!

Single Ticket

You’ll love the line-up!

If you’re new to fitness, Chase The Sun Bloemfontein is a great opportunity to try three different styles and see what works for you. Your morning kicks off with a light, yoga-inspired dynamic warm-up. What does that even mean? Well, you’ll be guided through a series of gentle movements designed to wake up sleepy muscles and creaky joints, then gradually start building intensity to get the blood pumping. Once you’re all warm and limber, you’ll be treated to a toning class with Fiona Barford from Breathe Barre that targets your bum, tummy and thighs (yes please!). Finally, we end things off with a fun, energetic dance class led by Next Fitness Star Nomawothi Bafana and Next Fitness Star finalist Toka Lintsa.

Work out in a beautiful setting

Why spend yet another Saturday in the same old gym studio? Taking your workout outdoors makes fitness exciting. At Chase The Sun Bloemfontein, you’ll breathe in big lungfuls of fresh air instead of stuffy gym smell and you get to celebrate moving your body while marvelling at the beauty of nature. The Free State Botanical Gardens are home to 400 species of plants, plus lush green grass that will make you want to run and play like a child. And why not? We all need to let loose once in a while!

Start your weekend with a smile

Endorphins, the feel-good chemicals your body releases when you exercise, put you on the kind of natural happy high that will leave you smiling for the rest of the weekend. For once, there’s no need to travel to Joburg… Chase The Sun Bloemfontein is right in your own city so you don’t have to dedicate a whole Saturday to one event. Wake up, get your workout in and then carry on with your day with so much more energy. It’s the best way to do it!

'Besties' Ticket

Bring your Mini-Me

Because the workouts are not super hard, Chase The Sun Bloemfontein is a lovely event to do with your bestie, your mom, your sister or even your daughter. And if you take advantage of the Besties Special, you get two tickets at a discounted rate. Score! After the classes, you can spend the rest of the morning exploring the beautiful gardens — there’s a lovely play area for the kiddies and a restaurant where you can go and buy a well-deserved brunch.

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