“I Got My Clitoris Pierced — This Is What It Was Like”

by | Feb 23, 2018 | Sex & Love

I decided to get a clit piercing because I’d had one before and loved it. And because my boyfriend had one and it reminded me of the good times. Here’s exactly what it was like – and how it legit changed my sex life for the better…

So, How Scary Is The Actual Procedure?

The procedure was surprisingly straightforward. I chose a vertical piercing (I’d had a horizontal one before) because it’s meant to be more pleasurable.

The piercer was a very calm woman who, based on her visible piercings, clearly lived the brand. She asked me to remove my trousers and underwear before seating me on a chair that looked like one you’d find at a dentist’s room, but lower.

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I had to open my legs (def the weirdest part of the whole thing) and she knelt between them and disinfected the area. The most uncomfortable part was when she put a little clamp around the clitoral hood to hold it in place. Then she asked me to take a deep breath, and to exhale hard when she pierced. Obviously I couldn’t see what she was doing down there though…

And The Eina Factor?

The pain wasn’t bad. The piercing itself is a sharp pain that lasted a second, if that. The fiddly bits before were more uncomfortable, simply because it’s not a sensation you’re used to.

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What I hadn’t anticipated was the rush of adrenaline and endorphins. I remember wandering around the shops afterwards on a total high. And phoning my boyfriend in excitement to tell him all about it. It was a great feeling, and I can understand why people get addicted to it.

Now, The Part We REALLY Want To Know About: Sex After Piercing

Well, basically you have something rubbing against your clit while you’re having sex. So any position that encourages that friction is more likely to result in orgasms during sex. But it’s not like a magic bullet – and isn’t guaranteed each time from straight sex.

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Want. It. So, Where Can I Get It Done?

Any reputable piercing parlour. Use your instinct when you check out the store – it’s important you feel comfortable and that the place is clean. As to see pics of piercings that have been done as well, for added reassurance.

Seriously, Though, Is It Safe?

As far as I know, perfectly safe. The clitoral area has a lot of blood flow, so it heals quickly. I was walking around immediately after and sexually active (albeit with care) within a day or so.

And How Much Will It Set You Back?

It depends on where you go and the kind of piercing you choose. If I recall correctly, mine was around R600 for a titanium bar. Worth it.

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