Rooftop Office Yoga? — This #BossBabe Is Making It Happen

by | Feb 20, 2019 | Life

You might recognise the Shared rooftop space from our final Secret Sweats event for 2018? You know the one where Takkies had us moving our hips in ways we didn’t know were possible? It truly was a magical setting that we hope to frequent more often…

In the meantime, we chatted to Ashleigh Meyers, the girl-boss behind the space about how she has created one of Cape Town’s most coveted co-working spaces…

Tell us how the vision for Shared came about?

As a commercial property broker in Cape Town, I noticed the increased demand for fully-serviced shared office space that is flexible, fun and most importantly, affordable. I entered into negotiations with ARIA Property Group, who were looking to create an in-house, co-working business and we started the joint venture. We have created an environment that nourishes a creative crew of tenants, from bloggers, event planners, creative agencies, tech/app start-ups, to entrepreneurs, subsidiary corporates, freelancers and more. Our spaces facilitate the flexible growth of small businesses while providing multiple networking opportunities, and we also operate futuristic rooftop and cafeteria venues to rent for media-use and functions.

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How did you transform this vision into reality?

Our lower Bree Street branch of shared office space has been operating since May 2018, soon after, our flagship branch opened up in Pier Place. Both spaces have provided a creative environment for small businesses to operate and grow. ARIA property group has been an incredible platform for this exciting industry and we selected the best locations within their property portfolio.

Why do you believe there is such a growing demand for shared office spaces?

As an entrepreneur, it is not easy to depict in what direction your business will grow from the start. Many businesses either expand rapidly or need to re-locate and this affects the size of your office space requirements. Shared office space offers shorter lease terms and plug-and-play office fit-outs. This allows business owners to operate within a flexible working environment that facilities their growth and spatial needs.

What do you believe, are the benefits of co-working spaces?

Flexibility, networking opportunities, and a sense of community.

What makes Shared unique?

For starters, our locations. ARIA property group has provided buildings for our shared HQ that are easily accessible and packed with amenities such as shower facilities, in-house beauty salon, café’s & exclusive rooftops. When you arrive at work, you can find most of your day’s agenda at your office doorstep. Whether you require a coffee to be delivered to your desk via our Whatsapp line or would like to take part in after work rooftop yoga, shared office space prides itself in convenience.

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What kinds of tenants do you currently have?

Marketing agencies, app developers, festival and event planners, production and film companies, data scientists, financial advisors, virtual reality designers, travel agencies and more.

What makes you so passionate about this space?

ARIA Property Group and I are passionate about supporting young business growth within South Africa and what better way than through an in-house entrepreneurial hub? ARIA Property Group has always been known for their strong tenant relationships and their innovative approach to building management. This has allowed shared to provide multiple tenants with a reputable office environment.

If you were to describe Shared in 3 words?

Flexible, creative, affordable.

Check out or follow for more info @SharedCapeTown

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