This Collagen Facelift Facial Promises To Boost Your Skin Within Minutes

by | Nov 17, 2023 | Skincare

When it comes to skincare, you want products and treatments that work as hard as you to maintain your DuoLingo streak. And when it comes to facials, none work as hard as this QMS collagen facelift facial.

What is the collagen facelift facial?

Using products from QMS, the collagen facelift facial lifts and plumps your skin. The prep work includes an acid peel that revitalises your skin and sloughs off dead cells. After, it revealed bouncy, clean and freshness. There are no needles or threading involved – just powerful products that lift, plump and hydrate the skin. There’s also no downtime – so you can head out right after and an SPF is provided.

How does it work?

“As we age, the normal process of skin ageing begins. From our mid-20s onward, our bodies produce less and less collagen. As a result, our skin becomes looser and duller; crow’s feet, wrinkles, and lip lines can begin to form,” says Nylde Hoffman, Co-Owner of Revel Self-Care Salon in Stellenbosch, Cape Town. “Collagen is the most abundant and most important protein found in the human body. It makes up more than half the total volume of protein found in the skin and accounts for 6% of total body weight. Collagen is the main constituent of our skin, and of all the factors regulating the skin’s moisture content, collagen is responsible for 60% of it. Therefore, it is vital in maintaining the skin’s functionality, elasticity, and tonicity.”

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The collagen facelift facial works to restore firmness and elasticity in the face, leaving your skin feeling younger. “As collagen levels drop, it’s important to boost collagen production and add collagen from both inside and outside,” says Hoffman. “QMS offers collagen creams and serums containing hydrolysed collagen to support skin elasticity and moisture. These QMS collagen products are highly regarded for their patented technology and advanced delivery system. QMS collagen serums are well-known for their quality and safety. Clinical evidence shows a 25% reduction in signs of ageing and a remarkable 245% increase in moisture within 8 weeks.”

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I tried the Collagen Facelift Facial

… and I was pampered silly at Revel Self-Care Salon in Stellenbosch. In just one treatment, my skin’s texture vastly improved and I felt completely rejuvenated. During the facial treatment, you’ll be pampered with a décolleté massage as well as a hand and arm massage while you wait for the active ingredients to be absorbed into your face – so it’s worth every penny.

before collagen facelift facial
Before the treatment
after collagen facelift facial
After the collagen facelift facial

First, the skin is prepped with a double-cleansing. Then, I had a fruit acid peel that removed dead skin cells and lightened hyperpigmentation. I was also treated to an exfoliating cream, followed by the collagen serum and a seaweed mask. Then came the QMS vitamin hydrofoam mask, a foam that settled into my skin. With the help of mesh and a sheet mask, the product lifted my skin and created a new tautness that coupled the collagen-rich treatment. I’d never seen my skin glow so nicely after a treatment. I’d recommend this treatment to anyone – not just for the collagen infusion but for the entire suite of products and treatments that rejuvenated my skin.

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