“Why The ASICS METARIDE Shoes Are Perfect For Comrades”

by | Jun 6, 2019 | Fitness

We’re days away from the Comrades Marathon. I’m not running it, but for those who are, you absolutely inspire me! It’s on the bucket list. But for now, I’ll simply wish you the best of luck and good weather.

The first time this race was held was all the way back in 1921 with all of 34 competitors (of the male variety back in those days) and only 16 finished. This 89km race was brutal then and it’s still brutal today. There are now about 20k runners that sign up for this ultimate road challenge. It’s a serious journey and you definitely want to be in the best shoes your cash can buy. For me, there’s no question when it comes to the shoes I’d choose. The METARIDE long-distance shoe by Asics. Here’s why…




A few months ago, I got my very own METARIDE shoes. I’ve been wearing these babies on the regular – even when I’m not running because they’re just so damn comfortable.

I’ve recently gone back to track training on Tuesday mornings with the ATC Multisport group. These speed sessions for road and trail runners are pretty intense. This also seemed like the ideal moment to bring out the new shoes. And wow, they attracted a lot of attention. If you have a look at a pair you’ll know why. The combo of black and red is gorgeous.

Image by ASICS

The idea behind the design of these fine specimens was inspired by the fluid movement of a bike and rider. This is why the sole is built on a curve – to keep that rocking stride smooth baby. ASICS wants to allow runners to run longer while using less energy. And that’s what these shoes do.

My thoughts on the METARIDE

In case you haven’t already realised, I love them. But I was doubtful to begin with… The sole feels pretty rigid and it’s quite a mega platform. What would they be like to run in? But one loop of the Cape Town athletics stadium made a doubter into a believer.

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My issue with running on road is that my legs jar on impact. Trails can be slightly more forgiving. I found with the METARIDE shoes that the support lessened this jarring to almost nothing. A massive win for me – I was sold. So when that bucket list item (ahem, Comrades Marathon) does become a reality, my METARIDES will be owning it. Hopefully, I won’t be too far behind.

If nerves are the predominant emotion you’re feeling right now, here’s a checklist you can print out to make sure you’re on track. Good luck!

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