5 Easy Ways To Completely Conceal Your Eye Bags

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Ever tried to hide the under eye bags only to end up looking like Morticia Adams? Push through the mess. Here, the ultimate beauty rules for concealing dark circles under your eyes.

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Genetics, allergy season, late night work deadlines, tequilas – may be one or all the reasons why you have dark circles. Getting rid of the shadow under the window of your soul can feel like a losing battle sometimes. That’s because with every birthday that passes the areas around our eyes age 36 percent faster than the rest of our skin. Damn you Father Time!

You’ve seen the tutorials, you’re gotten advice from your contour brush yielding bff – but nothing seems to work. Before you decide to live the Wintour and Lagerfeld life, try these easy-peasy products that’ll have you looking doe-eyed and fab in a flash!

1. Hydrate Gently

If you want hydrated refreshed looking skin, don’t miss this step. Moisturise and do it gently. A good eye cream protects, depuffs and revives. The skin around your eye is thinner than other parts of your face, so when moisturising use your ring finger to gently pat product around the eye area.


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Try Bobbi Brown Eye Cream (R725). This cult favourite cream leaves the eye area smooth and refreshed. Aloe vera and witch hazel extract comfort, while jojoba seed, avocado oil and squalane condition. And since we’re talking  hydration, don’t forget to swig some good ol’ H20. Puffy eyes are caused by dehydrated skin – drink eight to 10 glasses a day! This may not work immediately, but it will definitely give you long-term results.

2. Prime Time

Use a colourless primer around the eye area. Achromatic primer applied under your eye and on your eyelid will make your concealer and eye shadow last longer.


Try Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer (R470). This foundation is especially good at smoothing uneven surfaces, diminishing the look of fine lines and pores and adjusting to uneven skin tones – yip, them panda eyes.

3. Lay The Foundation

Pat and do not spread. Did you know that the application of foundation will wipe away any concealer on the skin – always pat concealer after your base.


Try a foundation like Clarins Everlasting Foundation + (R445). It offers impeccable coverage (18 hours to be exact), without caking. This lightweight formula also conceals imperfections and won’t leave your skin all kinds of shiny because of the bamboo powder it contains.

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How to apply: Dab gently from the middle of the face outwards. Start with the chin, then continue from the nose to the cheekbones, finishing with the forehead.

4. Conceal All Round

To ensure you don’t end up with white rings, conceal down to the top of your cheek bones. Don’t forget the inner corner of your eyes – those are the darkest areas.


Try MAC Studio Finish Concealer Duo (R420). This nifty concealer has two complimentary correct shades for your own tailored skincare correction. Yes please!

5. Add sparkle to lids

A shimmering nude powder shadow brightens up your lids – applying some nude eye shadow takes attention away from your dark circles to your lids (but, at this stage, you have none).


Try Urban Decay Naked 3 (R850). This other cult-favourite’s colours range from neutral nudes to red shimmers. Worth. Every. Cent!

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