Why Is Everyone Suddenly Putting Condoms On Their Make-Up Sponges?

by | Feb 13, 2017 | Make-up

by Alice Paulse

We’ve heard about all the crazy tricks make-up artists, bloggers and vloggers have come up with to ensure their make-up is on point. But even this one surprised us!

Another use for condoms has arisen-well besides the use of protection against pregnancy and STDs. Thanks to one beauty vlogger; you may now practice safe make-up skills by including the use of condoms into your beauty routine by rolling one onto your beauty blender.

Put A Condom On My What?

Laila Tahri, a make-up vlogger, is the master mind behind this new beauty hack, which she says prevents the beauty blender from absorbing loads of product, similar to the SiliSponge but still providing the coveted sponge effect.

Before you freak out over this odd but inventive trick, there is one very important thing you need to know before trying it out: Please wash any lubrication off the condom before you roll it onto the beauty blender and touch it to your face. Then you may squirt the foundation on your new tool before dotting it onto your face.

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In her YouTube video, she outlines the technique and explains why she thinks it is a good idea. “The SiliSponge is really popular right now and the good thing about the SiliSponge is it doesn’t absorb any product, but after trying it, I still prefer a normal sponge. But then I thought, ‘Maybe if I put some plastic around it, it’ll work the same.”

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Should You Try It?

If you’re looking for a way to not waste your make-up and not having to clean your sponge every time as well as something that blends really well; then this would definitely work, according to Tahri. However, you’ll have to get past the idea of rubbing a condom all over your face. Coverage? super smooth.

The only flaw- because of all the plastic, it might be a bit difficult to clean, otherwise this could be a match made in make-up heaven. As long as you remember to save some condoms for when you really need them.

Some advice: try this beauty hack at your own risk!

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