“I’ve Finally Found An Exercise I Can Stick With — Here’s Why”

by | Aug 1, 2018 | Fitness

“Operation #bodygoals starts on Monday,” says me every other Friday of the year. I’ve always found it difficult to stick to an exercise regime. I start out great, full of motivation, then skip one day and the next thing you know I haven’t worked out in weeks. For our #WHGetsFit staff fitness challenge, levelling up in my fitness field meant sticking to something long enough to see decent results. I’m not 100 percent there yet, but the past 11 weeks at Adventure Boot Camp (ABC) have kept me motivated and consistent.

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Pick Your Poison

It’s always best to pick a training programme you enjoy. What I like about ABC is that I don’t have to put any thought into my workout. The qualified trainers set up the workout for the day, and you know you’re making the most of your time with them – without paying ridiculous PT prices PLUS a gym membership. Going to the gym can be overwhelming when you don’t know what you’re doing. It’s also easy to give up when you’re tired, because there’s no one pushing you to do your absolute best.

Find A Friend

Waking up at 5:30am is much easier when you have a friend to share your misery. And, let’s be honest, letting someone other than yourself down is much harder… and the guilt lingers much longer. So a reluctant “yes” normally follows an “Are you going to boot camp?” text. It’s also easy to find someone to keep you on track among the great group of women and trainers who attend boot camp.

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Make A To-Do List

When adding “Go to bootcamp in the a.m.” to my to-do list, I’m much more likely to actually go. Having a to-do list gives purpose to your day, and accomplishing it sets you closer to your goals, whatever they are. And get this: ABC offers flexis. This means you can attend any other camp at any time at additional cost per flexi. So oversleeping, that thing after work or your trip to Joburg – sorry, not an excuse.


Instead of setting physical goals, set goals that keep you going. I want to go train at least three times this week. Keeping those goals in mind will keep you consistent, and consistency breeds results. ABC makes this totally doable. When signing up, you decide how many classes you want to attend per week. They have five-, three- and one-day options. You can always make up for days missed, but committing to (and paying for) a specific number of days is a great way of keeping your promise to yourself.

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Honesty Is The Best Policy

Be brutally honest with yourself about why you want to do this. On the days that you really don’t feel like going, being reminded about your end goal is what will get your ass in those leggings. And it may sound vain, but, for me, wanting to look hot AF in those upcoming island holiday pics is a better motivator than the more generic: “I want to live a healthier life.” But if a healthier life is what you’re going for, ABC even sets up an eating plan for you!


Ready To Transform Your Body – And Your Life?

Join women of all ages and fitness levels across SA as they take on the Adventure Boot Camp 12-Week #MYJOURNEYTOSUMMER programme. It’s cheap, flexible, includes access to a dietician for nutritional advice, and much more. Also, it starts on 24 September! Keen to give it a bash? Check out the Adventure Boot Camp website for details and to sign up – and let them know you heard about them from Women’s Health. You’re welcome.

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