Here’s EXACTLY How To Have A ‘Coregasm’

by | Oct 18, 2017 | Workouts

Add these six moves to your workout for exercise with benefits!

What Is A Coregasm?

Very simply, it’s an exercise-induced orgasm. Yes, you read that right: an orgasm brought on by working out. But we’re not talking about some weird masochistic fetish involving burpees and the smell of sweat.  “There are no sexual thoughts or feelings involved; they are purely physical,” says Dr Elna Rudolph, medical doctor, sexologist and clinical head of My Sexual Health.

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How To Have One

The key is to engage the same muscles that would tense up when you’re having a regular orgasm. These would be muscles in your abdomen, back and, especially, your pelvic floor, says Rudolph. Usually, this muscle activation would be involuntary – triggered by arousal. But you can get the same kind of result by skipping the arousal part and just, ahem, stimulating the muscles directly.

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Your Moves

The best moves for the job are ones that work your lower abs. Hanging leg raises from a bar or a captain’s chair are almost a sure thing, but if you’re nervous about having your first coregasm in the gym (#awks) then try these moves discreetly at home instead. Just remember, the trick is time under tension: Keep your core engaged throughout, move slowly and go for high reps. Another tip: Tuck your tail bone to better target your pelvic floor – think of tilting your pelvis up or flattening your lower back against the floor. Caution: Avoid these moves if you have a lower back injury.


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1/ Lying Leg Raise

Lie on your back, with your hands supporting your lower back, and tighten your tummy muscles. Keeping your legs straight and pressed together, raise them up to ninety degrees, then slowly back down again, stopping just before you touch the ground. Pause, then repeat. Focus on the lowering part of the move.

2/ Lying Leg Raise With Flutter Kicks

Perform the leg raise as above, but when you pause at the bottom, perform five to ten flutter kicks on each leg (depending on how many you can manage) before raising your legs again.

3/ Single-Leg Hip Thrust

Lie on your back with your hands out at your sides, about 45 degrees, palms down. Bend your knees so your feet are flat on the floor. Extend your left leg straight in front of you, keeping your thighs parallel. Now, tighten your tummy and butt muscles push through your right heel, to raise your hips until your body forms a straight line. Pause, then lower, stopping just before your butt touches the ground. That’s one rep. Do five to eight, then repeat on the other leg. Focus on moving slowly and keeping those muscles tight.

4/ Hollow Hold

Lie on your back, legs straight, arms straight above your head. Tilt your pelvis up to flatten your lower back against the floor. Keeping your tummy muscles tight, bring your legs up to ninety degrees, knees bent, then raise your shoulders off the floor. Extend your legs out straight, hovering a few centimetres above the ground. Hold for 10 seconds. Do not arch your lower back.

5/ Hollow Hold With Crunch

Perform the hollow hold as above. Once in position, perform crunches, pausing for two seconds at the top each time. Do six to ten.

6/ Hollow Crunch

This is a more advanced variation and should only be attempted if you have a strong core and no lower-back issues. Perform the hollow hold again. This time, pull your abs as tight as you can, contracting your body to bring your chest to your knees. Pause, then return to hollow hold position. Do six to ten.

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