Use These 6 Ridiculously Cool Benefits Of Cuddling To Get More Of It

by | May 18, 2015 | Health, Sex & Love

By Kate Moriarty

Who doesn’t love to cuddle?

And while there are some obvious perks to spooning (hello, warmth!), here are plenty of other reasons you should snuggle up with your partner tonight.

1. It Strengthens Your Bond

The closer you and your partner are while you sleep, the more likely you are to feel happy with your relationship, according to a recent survey by the Edinburgh International Science Festival.

2. It Makes You Happier

Thank you, dopamine and serotonin! Touching someone releases these two hormones, both of which can boost your mood and help curb depression. Nice!

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3. It Makes You Stress Less

The moment you make skin-to-skin contact, your brain tells your adrenal glands to cut back on cortisol production, which makes you feel less anxious. Ahh, so much bliss!

4. It Helps You Sleep Better

When you’re not so anxious, you’re more likely to snooze at a reasonable hour, says Terri Orbuch, author of Finding Love Again: 6 Simple Steps to a New and Happy Relationship.

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5. It Strengthens Your Immune System

Cuddling can stimulate your parasympathetic (otherwise known as relaxation) system, which releases serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin. All of these feel-good hormones boost your immunity to help fend off sickness. And if you ask us, cuddling sounds way more appealing than loading up on vitamin C.

6. It Improves Your Sex Life

A study from the Archives of Sexual Behavior found that couples that cuddle post-sex are more satisfied with their sex lives – and their overall relationships. Couples who spend more time showing affection after sex feel more satisfied with their sex lives, and in turn, with their relationship in general.

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