We’re Shook! The Biggest Calorie Burner At Fit Night Out Was… Dancing?

by | Feb 26, 2020 | WH Promotion & Events

When you think of working out, most people think of something they have to do. It’s a chore, like cleaning the house or brushing your teeth. Sure, you feel good afterwards, but no one looks forward to burpees. Dancing, on the other hand, is something fun you do in your lounge when your jam comes on or out in the klurb on a Friday night. But as breathless as you may be at the end of an epic DJ set, you probably never thought you were legit exercising. And neither did we. Until Fit Night Out Cape Town, that is.

Dance your butt off with Zumba at Chase The Sun Stellenbosch!

Dancing the calories off

Fit Night Out Cape Town featured six workout classes of about half an hour each, all varying in intensity. When we planned the programme, there were certain workouts we knew were going to be hectic. Mapule would have the crowd doing jumps and high kicks, possibly the odd burpee; SWEAT 1000 would finish the night demanding that we give them every drop of energy we had left. But we imagined that Toka Lintsa’s Trot Your Globe dancing class would be a fun way to keep moving without getting too sweaty. So imagine our surprise when women who attended FNO started posting their calorie burn on social media and the class that burnt the most calories was the dancing!

This is what went down at Fit Night Out Cape Town…

A workout, but make it fun

So why is dancing such good exercise? For starters, you’re moving in multiple movement planes, using multiple joints and muscle groups. And the more muscles you activate, the more calories you’re going to burn. You’re also doing unfamiliar moves and when you challenge your body in new ways, you’re also going to up that burn. What’s more, your focus isn’t on the exercise part — you’re focused on the epic music and getting the moves right. When you aren’t aware of how hard you’re working, you usually tend to work harder. Finally, when you’re dancing, you never stop moving. At the gym, your breaks usually involve standing around, but in a dance class, your breaks just involve moving a little slower — you never actually stop.

Here’s what went down at Chase The Sun Val de Vie 2019… this year will have Zumba!

Try something unique

The cool thing about Trot Your Globe’s style of dancing in particular is that you’re not likely to have done anything like it before. Toka has 15 years’ choreography experience and has travelled the world, experiencing different music and dance styles. All of this comes together in her unique, signature classes. “You don’t have to speak a foreign language to connect with others; you simply have to value what moves them. In all the countries we’ve been to, music speaks to everyone,” she says. “That’s why we refer to our sessions as Trot Your Globe dance fitness.”

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