4 Everyday Pill Combinations You Didn’t Know Are Seriously Dangerous

by | Mar 8, 2018 | Health

A lot of us are walking around with pill combos in our handbags we have no idea could seriously damage our health – or even be lethal.

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In some cases, doubling (or tripling) up on prescriptions is necessary – but the wrong combo could have critical consequences, says epidemiologist Dr Leonard Paulozzi. Beware these potentially toxic matches and always ask your doctor before mixing…

SSRIs + Opioids (Antidepressants And Painkillers)

Some antidepressants work by increasing brain levels of the “happy hormone” serotonin. Certain painkillers can have the same effect – leading to way too much of a good thing. Sky-high serotonin levels can cause agitation, high body temperature and rapid heart and breathing rates.

Statins + Fluconazole (Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs + Antifungal Medication)

Anyone who’s had a yeast infection (75 percent of you) is likely familiar with fluconazole. And statins are among the world’s most prescribed drugs, making this a highly likely duo that could cause muscle weakness or kidney damage.

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Opioids + Benzodiazepines (Painkillers + Anti-Anxiety Meds)

Both types of drugs act as depressants, which can spell sweet relief if you’re super-anxious or in serious pain – or super-anxious about being in serious pain (think dental surgery). But the pills can also lower heart and breathing rates, sometimes too much.

Opioids + Benzodiazepines + Carisoprodol (Painkillers + Anti-Anxiety Meds + Muscle Relaxers)

Most docs know this combo could turn deadly. Yet a patient might still find herself taking all three – potentially prescribed by different doctors – if, say, she threw out her back and is fighting intense stress at work. Always tell each doc you see what other medication you’ve been prescribed to avoid a potentially serious situation.

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