5 Sex Moves You Shouldn’t Try At Home — Or Anywhere — Ever

by | Mar 27, 2018 | Sex & Love

When it comes to sex, most people have a comfort zone – or at least a comfort postal code – that they usually stay in. But taking a walk on the (slightly) wilder side can have spine-tingling benefits. “It’s important for couples to keep expanding their intimacy and not get too dependent on the ease of autopilot sex,” says sex and relationship counsellor Ian Kerner.

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Doing some risque things can be a fun way to keep your relationship strong and protect it from the threat of boredom. (Can you think of a better way to get closer?) And if you’re hesitant to throw out some of these suggestions to your guy, don’t worry about speaking up – chances are, he’ll be suited up and in the game before you can finish your sentence. “I see many couples who want to try something new in the bedroom, but each person is waiting for their partner to suggest it,” says Kerner.

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Sex Moves To Avoid…

But beware: It’s fun to push your boundaries and try new things, but here are five ideas you might want to leave off your to-do list, says Kerner. (And for the record, if you’re eager to join the Mile High Club, knock boots in public or do it on your boss’s desk, beware the professional and legal consequences of pursuing that kind of action.)

1. Erotic Asphyxiation

Cutting off your air supply when you orgasm can be fatal. Not worth the risk!

2. Unprotected Sex

Even if you’ve both been tested (and you’ve got the matter of birth control sorted), sex sans condom is not clever and can harm your health. Wrap it up.

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3. A Sex Tape

It’s all fun and games until you split up and he posts it online. Explain that one to your mom – or boss.

4. Road Head

Performing oral sex on someone who’s driving is dangerous, not only for you but also the people you share the road with.

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5. Switching Orifices

Going from anus to vagina to mouth (and back again) without changing condoms or washing toys is a recipe for disaster. Remember, a UTI (or worse) from E.coli won’t feel at all sexy!

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