9 Love Experts Share Their #1 Piece Of Dating Advice

by | Jun 29, 2017 | Sex & Love

By Jen Glantz; Photography by Freepik.com

There’s still time to find love in 2018

Finding love in 2018 has its own set of unique and modern challenges. The first being that if you don’t have your heart glued to the dating apps on your smart phone, you might find it almost impossible to get asked out at all.

But fear not! There are all sorts of tips and tricks on how to project the best version of yourself and make sure you wind up saying, “I do,” to the right person for you. Here’s key advice from nine relationship coaches on how to snag love, stat.

1/ Stop Trying To Look Like A Kardashian

“Show your true and sexy self. Guys hate it when women overdress and wear make-up that looks as if it was applied with a spatula. Finding love requires compatibility and guys find it difficult to connect with a woman when they can’t see who she truly, really is.” dating coach Tarra Bates-Duford

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2/ Don’t Believe It’s Something You Need

“There is no trick for finding love. It is not hiding any place mysterious. We simply need to turn to the mirror and say, ‘Hello!’ with a huge smile to our beautiful selves and say, ‘I am worth it all!'” relationship expert Dr Crystal Moore

3/ Date Everyone You Can

“It might sound shallow, but getting your numbers up will give you the best chance of finding love, and also help you to hone in on what’s a match for you. Go on lots of first dates! Too often, [we] date too few people, and for too long.” – mental health counsellor Anthony Centore

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4/ Freshen Yourself Up

“Go shopping! Yes, I said go shopping. Finding love starts with finding yourself and loving yourself in the process. And while loving yourself is a state of mind, it is also about feeling you, feeling fresh and feeling confident above others. So go shopping, buy clothes that give you a fresh view of who you are and why you rock!” – Chris Armstrong, owner of Maze of Love

5/ Give It Some Time

“Put consistent time and effort into online/app dating and you’re almost guaranteed to find love eventually – maybe even sooner rather than later.” – Elly Klein, founder of The Relationship Writer

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6/ Take Yourself On Holiday

“Take yourself on holiday. Go somewhere you’ve always wanted to go. Often, being away from our routine helps us feel more relaxed and being relaxed enables us to be more of our unique selves. And being ourselves is one of the most important keys to finding love, because the right person for us will be very attracted to who we really are.” – dating coach Christine Baumgartner

7/ Be Picky

“People often feel obligated to go on dates they don’t want to go on. Worse than wasting time and money, you are getting burnt out. Being pickier with who you go out with limits the amount of times you have to have your friend call with a fake emergency to save you from another minute of torture. Then, hopefully, when you go on dates with people you are enthusiastic about, you will not be burnt out. You will be on your A-game and not thinking about how it would have been so much better to have been on your couch with popcorn, catching up on The Bachelor.” – matchmaker Lori Salkin

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8/ Smile

“Smile at 20 new guys each day. It sounds really simple and it is. And it will open doors, and make conversation (and even dates) available to you from guys you didn’t think you’d be able to date. Try this and prepare for a burst of love in your life.” relationship coach April Masni

9/ Stop Dating

“Dating is the worst way to get to know someone. Get involved with things you really enjoy – dancing, religious events, volunteering, etc. Have fun just doing that. If you find someone you like, just keep watching and interacting with them. But, don’t ‘date’ them. That way, you can identify their true personality to see if it could be a ‘harmony’ match to your personality style.” – dating expert Kimberly West

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