These Are The Best Dating Apps, According To Research

by | Mar 28, 2018 | Sex & Love

There are enough dating apps out there to fill the entire home screen on your phone (and probably more, TBH). You could swipe for all eternity. To save your thumb from a serious overuse injury, you probably want to narrow down your pool. But which dating apps have the best success rates? That all depends on what type of relationship you’re looking for — and the type of dater you are.

We crunched the numbers behind the swipes at top dating apps to determine which one might be your perfect match.

If You Want To Meet A Ton Of People

App with the best success: Tinder

Maybe you just got out of a relationship. Maybe you want to find the one by meeting every single “one” you can. Whatever your motivation, if you want to meet as many matches as possible, swipe right on Tinder.

The OG dating app has a massive pool of users to swipe through. The company told Women’s Health via email that there are 1.6 billion swipes every day. Every day! Of all those swipes, 26 million matches are made every day and 1.5 million end in Tinder dates each week. Basically, you’ll have no shortage of potential partners — whether for an LTR or just for the night — to swipe right.

If You’re Really Damn Picky

App with the best success: Bumble

According to stats released by Bumble, women on the app average eight matches a month (a month!), which is basically nothing compared to Tinder. So if you fall into the picky AF category, or the “I don’t have time for this” category, the original ladies-choice dating app is probably the one for you.

Bumble told Women’s Health that according to their data, womens’ choices on the app have led to over 20 000 weddings and engagements in the three years since the company launched. That’s right, #WomenGetShitDone.

If You Want A Serious Relationship — Guaranteed

App with the best success: EliteSingles

You’re so over short-lived relationships and immature guys. You want something meaningful and lasting? Look no further than EliteSingles. With over 65 000 new members every week, there are definitely plenty of fish in the sea. Over 80 percent of their members are university educated, and with intelligent matchmaking, this dating app ensures you date the smart way. They specialise in forming serious relationships by matching you with someone like-minded. Their website says: ” Our matchmaking principle is based on the belief that finding a compatible partner – genuinely suiting your lifestyle and dating ambition– is crucial for lasting happiness.”

If You’re Non-Binary Or Gender Fluid

App with the best success: OkCupid

Mainstream dating apps can be challenging for the LGBTQIA community. How the hell to you explain your gender fluidity or non-binary orientation to an algorithm?

If you’re non-cisgender, OkCupid has the spectrum of gender and orientation covered — they were the first dating app to offer non-binary gender options for your dating profile. Today, they have 22 different gender options and 13 sexual orientations to choose from.

If You Hope A Wedding Announcement Is In Your Future

App with the best success: OkCupid

While it’s hard to track exactly how many marriages come from each app (let’s be real, you’re probably not inviting the developers to your reception), OkCupid matches are more likely to end with a wedding announcement. In the US, data shows that OkCupid was three times more likely to be mentioned in the NYT wedding announcements than any other dating app. Looks like cupid really does know what he’s doing.

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