4 Reasons Why It’s Totally OK To Work Out At Night

by | Jan 22, 2014 | Fitness

Sneak in exercise even after the sun goes down.

We could rattle off several reasons to work out in the morning – but sometimes waking up before the sun sounds about as pleasant as a root canal. Plus, nighttime sweat sessions might be the only window you have to exercise, especially if your job involves super-early hours. But most importantly, working out – no matter the time of day – is better for you than sitting still. Need more convincing? Here are some perfectly good reasons why it’s totally fine to exercise after dark.

1. You’ll Sweat Out Your Stress After A Long Day

Rough day at the office? Exercise boosts endorphin production – which relieves stress. Researchers say you only need 20 minutes to unwind your mind, making this one of the fastest ways to relieve stress ever!

2. You Have More Energy To Dominate Your Workout

“Chances are you do not feel so sleepy like you can in the morning,” says Monica Nelson, American Council on Exercise-certified personal trainer. “You’re usually warmed up and ready to crush it.” And honestly, who doesn’t want to crush their workout?

3. Your Sleep Won’t Be Disrupted

Believe it or not, exercising at night isn’t a snooze saboteur. A recent study by the National Sleep Foundation found that, compared to non-exercisers, people who work out are more likely to say they sleep well no matter when they broke a sweat. Score!

4. You Could Sleep Much Better

Practicing yoga before bedtime can help you rest peacefully through the night. The best part is you can try these sleep-better positions on your mattress. See these great yoga moves for better sleep.

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