Day-breaker Beginner Yoga Sequence

by | Aug 30, 2016 | Workouts

Struggling to wake up long after your alarm clock buzzed? Kick start your day with this beginner yoga sequence to lose that half-asleep feeling, ease stiff muscles and get your energy levels up. You can do it in your PJs!

Yoga For Energy

When you think about yoga, you probably think about relaxation, clearing your mind, stress relief…you know, chilling. And yes, it’s a wonderful way to do all of those things, but it can also give you energy. Moving through a yoga sequence first thing in the morning can help you wake up your body and your mind and give you the energy boost you need to attack a busy day without the jittery side-effects that come with your morning espresso.

Yoga For Mobilising

After a long – or short – sleep it’s common to feel the tin woman badly in need of some Q20! Your joints feel rusty, your muscles feel cramped, your limbs heavy and if you were tossing and turning or sleeping in a strange position, you probably have some weird aches and pains that you can’t quite place. Taking your body through a basic yoga sequence can help iron out those kinks by getting your circulation moving and warming up your body. You’ll feel stretchier, lighter and more alive.

Feel-Good Yoga

The back bends in yoga do wonders for strengthening and lengthening your spine and the muscles that support it, but they also open your chest and release endorphins, feel-good chemicals. You don’t have to be a gymnast to get them right either – this sequence contains very basic back bend poses in the form of upward facing dog, locust and cobra. Don’t strain – just gently ease into them so that you feel the stretch and stop at a point that’s comfortable for you.

Hit The Mat

Do this sequence as a flow, moving fluidly from pose to the next. Focus on your breath, breathing deeply in and out so that you empty your lungs completely on the exhale and fill them on the inhale. Stay in each pose for at least one full inhale and exhale, but if it feels amazing, you can spend up to five breaths in a pose before moving on to the next – try to deepen the stretch with each breath. At the end, repeat the whole sequence. This time focus on getting your transitions more fluid and your poses stronger. If you’re still feeling a little sluggish, repeat for a third round, focusing on getting a deeper stretch.

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