4 Kinda Embarrassing Signs Of Dehydration Nobody Talks About

by | Sep 25, 2018 | Health

In that great big list entitled “Things that suck a little bit more for women than they do for men” there is – somewhere between having children and hair removal – a surprise entry. It turns out that being the possessor of an extra X chromosome also complicates matters when it comes to hydration.

Dehydration Sucks Extra For Us

We not only feel the effects – like headaches, flagging energy levels and irritability – more than men do (we always knew our hangovers were worse), but research shows that even when women drink fluids and stick to the standard recommendations, it still may not be enough to combat your anatomical drought.

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To give you an idea of the gravity of it all, know this: if you’re dehydrated by just four percent, your performance at the gym suffers by 20 to 30 percent, according to Clinics in Sports Medicine. Yep, having a vagina is thirsty work.

You know you’re dehydrated when…

1. Can’t Cry Over The Notebook

Your body’s first defence is to save any fluid – tears are 98-percent water, so no boo-hoo for you.

2. Strain To “Drop Off The Kids”

Fact: 75 percent of stools are water. So when you’re parched, that water is leeched from faeces back into your body. Grim.

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3. Clutch Your Calf In Agony

Cramps are most common after heavy sweating, which robs your body of electrolytes and results in a horror show of pain.

4. Get A Ramsay Forehead

Water plays a big role in maintaining skin elasticity, so as dehydration progresses, skin loses its ability to bounce back. Hello, face creases.

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