“Off The Pill, Could Dermalogica Be The Answer To My Skin Problems?”

by | Feb 6, 2019 | Skincare

Last year I got out of a long-term relationship. As messy as break-ups can be, I also rejoiced in my newfound freedom. This included ditching the pill that had been making me feel sh*tty for far too long.

Of course, after years of being on the pill, your body does throw a bit of a tantrum: weight fluctuations, skin changes, mood swings… a bit of everything. My skin went through a really dodgy patch and I almost gave up on being pill-free – but it’s been six months now and I’m so glad I stuck it out. Perhaps it was just waiting it out that helped to clear it up, but I also turned to Dermalogica in my time of need. Here’s what happened…

What Dermalogica did?

Dermalogica immediately booked me in at the Waterfront branch for a face mapping and a facial. Having only been for one facial in my life, I was excited but also a bit nervous. My pre-facial jitters were completely put aside, though, when I walked through the door.

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Face mapping might sound hectic, but it’s simply a way to isolate problem areas. Your face is divided into 14 different zones. The problems or concerns are identified and solutions are suggested. These can be anything from dry skin to oiliness and acne. Samples of the suggested fix are provided so you can give the recommended treatment a go before cracking open the bank.

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After a cup of herbal tea, a face mapping and skin discussion, I went for the facial. The lights were adjusted to my favourite colour (blue) and even the essential oils were of my choosing. To say I felt pampered is an understatement. The facial was incredible. There was steaming, cleansing, masks, serums and massaging that had me completely relaxed. The facial also included the Clear Start Fizz Mask I’d been meaning to try for ages. About 45 minutes later I left the Waterfront with a couple of samples, the Dermalogica fizz mask and squeaky-clean skin.

How is my skin now?

I’ve been using the Clear Skin Fizz Mask weekly, plus a Bee Natural Rich Rehydrating Face Balm from Faithful-To-Nature. I would say that my skin is definitely not perfect (whose is?), but it’s cleared up and I feel so much more confident about it.

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My advice, if you are considering ditching the pill, is to just stick it out. It’s rough at first but I promise it does get better. Find a skin routine that works for you and give it a chance. And if you feel like treating yourself to the best facial ever? Dermalogica.

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