This No-Equipment Holiday Workout Is Perfect For The School Break

by | Jun 19, 2019 | Workouts

Nothing kills an exercise habit like a break from routine. But taking time out of the office doesn’t mean you need to take a break from fitness as well. This holiday workout requires no equipment and you can do it anywhere — on the beach, a field or even in a big garden. What’s more, the moves are functional and fun, so get the kids involved and make it a game. And see if you can keep up!

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Your No-Equipment Holiday Workout

This workout takes just 30 minutes, but is designed to get your heart rate up — so if you’re chasing Vitality Rewards points, we’ve got your back! Going away for a week? Do this workout three times on non-consecutive days. On the days in between, go for a long walk, hike or cycle. Try only to rest between exercises and only until you’ve caught your breath.

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Watch our fitness ed demo the moves. She was at Club Med La Pointe aux Cannoniers in Mauritius (tough life) but you can do the workout anywhere.


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1/ Drop And Dash

Distance: 15 metres Laps: 4

Mark out a stretch of about 15 metres using shoes, bricks etc as markers. Starting at your first marker, run to the next marker and touch the ground. That’s one lap. Run back to start and touch the ground for a second lap. Repeat. Only got 10 metres to work with? Do six laps (there and back three times).

2/ Grasshopper / Shuffle Back Pyramid

Rounds: Six

Stand with feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent, core tight. Take a big jump forward, swinging your arms for momentum and landing on both feet simultaneously. Shuffle back to start. Immediately do two big jumps. Shuffle back to start. Continue, adding an extra jump each time until you get to six.

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3/ Froggy Jump to Creepy-Crawly

Rounds: 5

Stand with feet apart, then squat down, lightly touching the ground with your hands. Push through your heels to leap forward, throwing your arms up and landing back down in that low squat. That’s one jump. Do six big jumps, then crawl back to start, keeping your body low, but your knees off the ground – your weight should be on your hands and feet. Repeat for a total of five rounds.

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4/ Hot Floor / Mountain Climbers / Toast Pop Combo

Rounds: As many as you can in 3 minutes

Stand tall with your elbows bent ninety degrees and your hands in front of you. Run on the spot, trying to bring your knees up to touch your hands. Do 10 hot floor. Immediately drop down into push-up position and again ‘run’ on the spot, bring your knees to chest alternately and keeping your back flat. Do 10 mountain climbers. Immediately jump or step your legs in and stand. That’s one toast pop — do five pop-ups. That’s one combo. Do as many combos as you can in three minutes.

5/ Drop And Dash

Distance: 15 metres Time: 2 Minutes

Do as many drop-and-dash runs as you can in two minutes. Race your kids and see who can do the most! Winner gets extra dessert after supper.

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