“I Lost 56 Kilos By Making These Two Simple Changes”

by | Jun 20, 2017 | Weight Loss

Kgomotso Kgwathe knows exactly how seeing a disappointing photo of yourself can ruin your day. That is what kick-started her impressive 56kg shred, after all. The photos a friend took of her at a birthday party shook her up – so much so that she was too consumed by her shock of seeing what her body looked like to enjoy the memories the photos reflected. “I got home and cried myself to sleep. That was my enough moment,” she admits. She’s not kidding; it was enough to motivate her to set new health goals – and triumph.

Kgomotso Kgwathe

Before: 112kg
After: 56kg
Height: 1.49m
Time required to reach current weight: 18 months

The Gain

Though she was a self-proclaimed couch potato, Kgomotso was shocked by her appearance in the photos. “I truly was not aware of my weight gain,” she says.

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The Change

Those photos were just the start. At the end of that very month, a Wellness Week at work forced Kgomotso to confront the health implications of her weight. “This was a wake-up call for me because I realised I was obese and at health risk,” she said. Unsatisfied with her unhealthy, stagnant lifestyle, deep down Kgomotso knew she had to step up and make some new, sincere changes to get her body back. It was time to begin her weight loss journey…

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The Lifestyle

One thing Kgomotso did know was that she wanted the change to be permanent. Using her faith to secure her mental strength and determination, she made striving towards an improved self a daily duty. The goal: to lose 50kg – and look and feel good in size-34 skinny jeans! “I fought every day for my goals,” she says.

In addition, she did research on how to live healthily and learnt to prepare nutritious meals, drawing on insight from social media accounts that promote healthy lifestyles.

Once she joined the gym, she made a point of optimising her membership. For at least six days every week, she pushed herself in two-hour-long workout sessions.

Sound daunting? You can start small and build up your fitness slowly: try walking for 10 minutes a day. You’ll be blown away by the health benefits – never mind how many kilojoules a quick stroll can fry!

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The Reward

The more weight she shed, the more motivated she became. By smashing her goals, not only did her body transform into a size 32, but Kgomotso’s self-confidence grew in leaps and bounds. “My journey has not only taught me patience and focus, but I learnt how strong a woman I am to conquer so much,” she says. Kgomotso is fiercely proud of what she’s achieved and how far she’s come, declaring that “going back is not an option”.

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Kgomotso’s tips

> Find inspiration.Team Hlasela and her Instagram [account] played a huge role in revamping my kitchen.” Want to get super-inspired? Read Zintle’s own weight-loss story: The Secret Weapon To Losing 50KGs.

> Raise your expectations. “I challenged myself to do things I never thought I could do.”

> Envision what you want to achieve. “I committed and stayed dedicated to the end goal: wearing shorts and a crop top!”

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