5 Exotic Urban Yoga Classes You Need To Add To Your Next Holiday

by | Apr 6, 2018 | Fitness

There’s nothing worse than the stiff, achy feeling you get after a long-haul flight. Well, almost nothing. Right up there is the cankle factor from 12-plus hours in a cramped cattle-class seat, hardly moving and drinking no liquid for fear of having to use the onboard toilet. The sore neck and Flintstone feet can take days to disappear. Yay holiday. A simple solution: adding yoga to your itinerary not only lets you practise in an exotic location, it’s also the best medicine for a travel-weary body. Not sure where to find a studio? Here are five yoga classes with a twist that you can book through your AirBnb app.

In Barcelona…Do Yoga In Nature

You can hike or drive to the secluded spot in the Collserola mountains 25 minutes from the city, where a yoga teacher takes you through a guided practice and meditation. Fill your lungs with fresh mountain air and take in a 360-degree view of Barcelona, with birdsong as the soundtrack to your practice.

Cost: R535 per person (including car ride, yoga mat, a snack and cold pressed juice).

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Do yoga with a twist in exotic locations.

Yoga in nature is the perfect break from urban chaos.

In New York…Do Yoga And Beer

If chanty Kundalini yoga isn’t your cuppa kombucha, you’ve finally found your tribe. It’s led by a beer exec-turned-yoga-teacher who left the corporate world to become a wellness coach. But she still loves beer. So she created “Brew You Yoga” to bring the two together. There’s a short talk on “yoga and beer as kindred spirits”, followed by a Vinyasa class and ultimately a tasting of four beers. Cheers and namaste!

Cost: R436 per person (includes a tasting flight of four Bronx Brews)

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In Hong Kong…Do Yoga In The Park

Right in the city centre, next to the government buildings, Tamar Park is a green expanse where locals gather to practise yoga. Your view will be Victoria Harbour, home to the tallest skyline in the world. There’s a big focus on flexibility, stress relief and self-reflection rather than hardcore power poses. A great lesson in fidning peace in the midst of chaos urban chaos – and ideal to kick off a busy city holiday.

Do yoga with a twist in exotic locations.

Hong Kong’s city skyline at Victoria Bay is the tallest in the world.

Cost: R399 per person – you’ll need to bring your own water and a towel.

In Melbourne…Do Yoga and Chai

Your studio is East Melbourne’s picturesque Fitzroy Gardens, a tranquil park just outside the CBD. The class is geared towards relaxation, with a long Savasana at the end, listening to birdsong and feeling the sun on your face. Afterwards there’s a cup of Chai tea waiting so you can stick around and enjoy the pretty setting, rather than rushing off.

Cost: R498 per person (includes yoga mat rental and Chai tea)

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In Bangkok…Do Herb Yoga

Fumie and Kentaro Mune are artists, yoga teachers and herbal therapists who combine their various disciplines to create a unique healing experience that integrates herbal remedies, multimedia art and yoga. Their unique wellness philosophy draws on Japanese and Thai traditional medicine, as well as Ayurveda the Ying-Yang philosophy. Based on your ailments and imbalances, you’ll create your own healing herb ball before starting a gentle guided yoga and meditation practice, suitable for beginners.

Cost: R432 per person (includes water, tea and your herb ball)

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