The Dutch Are Stepping In After Trump Pulls Funding For Women’s Abortions

by | Jan 27, 2017 | Health

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The fallout from one of Trump’s first executive orders is widespread – but the Dutch are stepping in, along with a host of other countries. There’s hope. 

Trump’s Executive Order 

This week, President Donald Trump signed a slew of executive orders. Among them is a Reagan-era policy that places conditions on foreign organisations providing health care to women. The gist of it: If the organisation (the world over) promotes or provides abortions to women, their funding gets cut. It’s a controversial policy that’s been rescinded by Democratic presidents when they’ve taken office, and reinstated with every Republican president. Now, Trump’s signed the executive order – despite the fact that doing so raises the amount of abortions, and the rate of mortality. But Dutch leaders have spoken out against it. CNN reported that Lillian Plouman, Dutch foreign trade and development cooperation minister, has spoken out against the policy. “This decision has far-reaching consequences above all for the women it affects, who should be able to decide for themselves if they want a child, but also for their husbands and children and for society as a whole,” she said. Among the critics of the order is Marie Stopes, an international organisation that offers its services in South Africa.

There Could Be A Coalition 

The Netherlands aren’t necessarily on their own with their strongly-worded opposition. Aside from Charity organisations, who depend heavily on this kind of funding,  The Dutch are calling on other countries to step in, so that an international fund for women in need of abortions. Already, 20 other countries have responded willingly to fill in the gap in funding, amounting to $600m. The countries  haven’t been named, but among them are European, African and South American nations. The news of this intervention is great – it means that critical help for women in need of these services could still get it.

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