How Many Calories In That Easter Egg — And The Best Moves To Burn Them Off

by | Apr 17, 2019 | Fitness

This Easter we’re dishing the dirt on all those chocolatey snacks. I love Easter and a good Easter egg feast as much as the next girl – but before you overindulge, here’s how hard you’ll need to exercise to work it off…

We’ve put together a few moves to burn off your favourite eggs and the results are a bit scary. In fact, the M&Ms you should be thinking about this Easter are moderation and moving. You ready? Get your butt up and burn those eggs off like this.

1. The Chocolate Coated Marshmallow Easter Egg Push-Up

Just one of these bad boys contains 171kJ (41 calories) and, let’s be real, who only eats one? But for now, let’s see how many push-ups we’d need to do to burn off one of these sneaky devils. How does 86 push-ups sound? And that’s just one… so drop and give me 86 of your best!

Push-ups are a great form of exercise because they target all the right places and require no equipment. But to really burn off those marshmallow eggs, you’ll need to ensure your form is correct. Once on the ground, your hands should be under your shoulders (or slightly wider), legs extended straight out behind you. Keep your core engaged and your bum tight as you lower yourself down. And up. That’s one… 85 to go!

2. The Lindt Bunny Easter Egg Burpee Challenge

One Lindt Bunny Easter egg equals a whopping 2 272kJ (544 calories). You know what that means: burpee challenge of death. So we’re talking an hour of burpees, fam. I hope you got this…

The burpee has been around since 1939, and it’s stuck because it’s such a great bodyweight workout. A correctly performed burpee includes a squat, a push-up and an explosive jump. To get the most out of the move, squat down and place your hands in front of you. Jump both feet back so you’re in plank position. Drop to a push-up – your chest should touch the ground here (and your knees, if that makes it easier) – then back up to plank. Jump your feet back to your hands, and explosively jump up and put your hands in the air. (Like you just don’t care.) Most people do between 10 and 20 burpees in a minute… We’ve got 60.


3. White Candy Coated Easter Egg Walking Lunges

These crunchy munches that give you a white moustache also give you 472kJ (113 calories). And we’re going to burn them off with some good old walking lunges – 20 minutes is what you’ll need for a guilt-free egg.

Walking lunges work your quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes. Tone up your lower body with as many reps as you can do in 20 mins. Switch these up by adding some weights if you’re up for a challenge. To perform the perfect lunge, stand tall and engage your core; take a big step forward with your right leg, hips facing forward. Lower your body until your right thigh is parallel with the ground and your left knee gently touching it. Press your right heel into the ground to boost yourself back into a standing position. Repeat many times!

4. Dairy Milk Chocolate Bar Squats

If you skip the Easter Eggs and just treat yourself to a chocolate bar (I know I have), then you should know that this is the winner on the kilojoule count: 3 375kJ (806 calories). The payback: one hour and 40 glorious minutes of squats. There’s no doubt you’ll have buns of steel if you do decide to do the time for committing the crime.

Stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart, head facing forward and chest up. Sit back as though you’re sitting in an imaginary chair, your upper body leaning slightly forward. Press your weight into your heels and lower yourself so that your thighs are as close to parallel to the ground as possible. Keep your body tight and core engaged. Push through your heels to return to a standing position. That’s one down.

5. Speckled Egg Skip-A-Thon

These sweet temptations are off the charts – 2 368kJ (566 calories) of jelly-coated goodness. But worry not, we’ve got the moves to burn these babies right off. A skipping marathon never killed nobody. So let’s see how long we’ll be hopping for our sins. 30 minutes of jump rope. And… go.

Skipping has many benefits besides being an absolute go-to kilojoule blaster. It’ll improve your agility and balance – the reason skipping is a boxer’s daily essential. And it improves your brain! A mental workout and a physical one…

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