3 Really Smart Ways To Stop Yourself From Eating Too Much

by | Sep 3, 2018 | Weight Loss

Find yourself constantly eating too much? Curb your enthusiasm with these three smart strategies for keeping kilojoule consumption in check…

1. Don’t Hide The Evidence

Keep those sweet wrappers on show. Studies show that when evidence of your eating is cleared away, you’ll continue to chow down. During one test, published in the journal Appetite, involving shelled nuts, the group whose shells stayed in sight ate 200kJ less. Small wins.

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2. Listen In

If you can’t turn the TV off, turn it down. A study in the journal Food Quality and Preference found that when people could hear their own chewing noises, they ate 45 percent less than those whose crunching noises were drowned out.

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3. Dodge Distractions

Eating while distracted (e.g. while watching the new season of Modern Family) can increase the amount consumed at that meal by 10 percent and at a later meal by a massive 25 percent, according to The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. So try to tear yourself away for a few minutes. But only until you’re done eating.

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