5 Easy Eating Habits That’ll Help You Lose Weight And Get Healthier

by | Apr 5, 2023 | Weight Loss

It’s time to ditch the fad diets and embrace the power of simple, healthy eating habits. These habits may seem small, but they can have a big impact on your overall well-being. By adopting these righteous rituals, you can change your body for the better and feel your best. And the best part?

These habits aren’t complicated or time-consuming. They can easily be integrated into your daily routine without much effort. So, whether it’s swapping out sugary drinks for water, adding more veggies to your plate, or eating mindfully, these gastronomic good deeds should be at the top of your to-do list today.

Habit 1: Say yes to beans

Top your salads with half a cup of black beans or kidney beans. Legume eaters have smaller waistlines and a 22% lower risk of obesity than bean shunners.

Healthy habits: black beans from Faithful to Nature
Faithful to Nature Black Beans
Woolworths Split Red Lentils
Komati White Kidney Beans

Habit 2: Squeeze in goodness

Squeeze a lemon wedge into every glass of water you drink. One lemon provides just 63kJ, but more than 45 percent of your daily immune-boosting vitamin C (and it costs a lot less than flavoured bottled water).

Habit 3: Garlic for the win

Use crushed garlic when cooking vegetables. It slashes your risk of everything from food-borne illnesses to heart disease and the common cold.

Habit 4: An apple (or two) a day…

Eat two apples as an afternoon snack. They act as nature’s energy bar and, if you leave their skin on, two of these crunchy gems help you meet 20 percent of your daily fibre quota for just 500kJ. They also deliver loads of the antioxidant vitamin C and the mineral potassium, which reduces the risk of stroke and heart disease while soothing feelings of anxiety, irritability and stress.

Healthy UCook Curried Chicken & Butternut Recipe
UCook Curried Chicken & Butternut Recipe

5. Ed’s tip: UCook Meal Kits

One of the biggest saboteurs of healthy eating? Time.

Try the UCook meal kits or frozen dishes to take out the hassle of planning dinner tonight. They offer restaurant-quality meals planned, packed and delivered to your doorstep.

Opt for the Veggie and Carb Conscious options.

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