“I ‘Spring Cleaned’ My Eating Habits And Lost 40 Kilos!”

by | Jan 10, 2017 | Weight Loss

This woman learned that planning and penning your plans are all you need to do to see through your goals

Weight loss is really simple in Busisiwe’s books, “What you eat is key, because you are what you eat,” she says. Not literally, but you know… She also emphasises the importance of keeping active. She shares with us her journey – take notes.

Busisiwe Skhosana

Occupation: Admin Controller
Age: 42
Weight before: 130 Kg
Weight after: 96 Kg
Height: 1.67m
Time required to reach current weight: 10 months
Secret weapon: Food portion control and running

The Gain

“Growing up I was active as they come, I took part in quiet a few sporting activities at school, I ran, danced, and aerobics,” she says. But unfortunately it ended there in school. With a crazy diet and no more exercise – the weight took its toll and just packed on. “I ate a lot of junk food, deep fried everything. I had real issues with vegetables and fruits; I was just not a fan. I ate in large portions, snacking on really heavy foods too, like potato chips then chocolates and fizzy drinks, which were the order of each day, “ she admits.

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The Change

The happiest moments of Busisiwe’s life are captured in not so great memories. “I bought a car and took pictures when I picked it up at the garage, but I saw on those pictures was how huge I actually was – the sight of me depressed me,” she says. That was it, enough was enough. “I decided to take control of my life and health,” she says. Food was amongst the first decisions, “I started making healthier food choices – junk food was ditched first and befriended veggies and fruits. Next was exercising, initially opting for walking instead of lifts at work and malls, gradually doing long walks outdoor,” she adds.

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The Lifestyle

Sometimes planning and penning your plans are all you need to do to see through your goals – it worked for Busisiwe. “I have breakfast at 8am – a bowl with a fruit and a cup of tea. At 10am I snack with another fruit then at around 12pm, I have veggies and meat, snack again and then at 6pm I have a really small supper, a small boiled potato and fish and garden mixed veggies,” she says. And all of this penned down and prepped before had – for convenience and to stay loyal and not stray out of the way. She also started taking exercises more seriously. “I alternate walking and running quite frequently and increase the pace and distant each time,” she says.

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The Reward

Losing weight is a hard process, but a very rewarding one – the trick is to just keep at it like Busisiwe. “It took a while to lose the weight, but when I did – it felt amazing,” she says. Busisiwe has dropped 5 dress sizes, completed 5 and 10Km runs like a breeze. “I have so much energy and so positive about life, it called for new clothes,” she says. Happy shopping it is.

Busisiwe’s Tips

Set realistic goals.
Results don’t come over night. You will work for it.
Do it for yourself.
Block out every negative comments people make – keep your eyes on the ball.
Brisk walk more.
It’s the first step into the exercising gate.

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