If You Have Red, Irritated, Itchy Eczema, You Need These Products In Your Life

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It sometimes feels almost impossible not to scratch, right? Because eczema is way more than just a bothersome rash – it feels like a stinging, throbbing sensation screaming for relief.

Eczema is a condition where the skin can’t protect itself – and three things can be the cause. One: a genetically impaired skin barrier. Two: an immune system with the potential to go awry. Three: exposure to things that make it go awry. Stress or dry climates can contribute to outbreaks in sensitive people. The outer skin layer loses hydration and develops tiny cracks and inflammation. Ouch.

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According to South African National Eczema Association, good skincare is a key component in controlling eczema. For those with mild eczema, modifying their skincare routine and making a few lifestyle tweaks may be all that’s needed to treat eczema. Here are some healthy skincare products to help with skin that’s prone to flaking and irritation…


Aveeno Nourishing Skin Relief Lotion (R95)

“Fragrance-free” and “fast-absorbing” are words you should be looking out for when your skin is irritated. This lotion combines triple oat complex with shea butter and it’s clinically proven to moisturise and soothe the skin from day one while protecting it from dryness. Available at Clicks.


Lamelle Serra Cleansing Gel (R205)

Using the wrong cleanser can strip the skin of its natural protective oils. This gel is soap-free and has been formulated for lipid-impaired skin. It cleanses thoroughly without drying out the skin, and is suited to all skin types (especially dry, sensitive skin). Available at Dermastore.


Eucerin AtoControl Acute Care Cream (R199)

This cream contains a skin-calming complex made up of regenerating omega fatty acids, soothing licorice extract, decandiol and an anti-itch agent (nice!) to deeply moisturise dry skin and leave it feeling soothed and calmed. Results: The need to scratch is reduced and skin feels way more comfy. Available at Clicks.


La Roche-Posay Lipikar Balm AP+ (R375)

This guy helps to rebuild the skin barrier. Key ingredients include a new and exclusive patented active ingredient – aqua posae filiformis – to re-establish and stabilise the microbiome’s balance and restore the skin barrier. Niacinamide immediately soothes itchiness, shea butter helps to replenish the hydrolipid film, and glycerin helps restore suppleness. Instant relief! Available at Dermastore.


Dermalex Repair Contact Eczema Support Cream (R195)

This lifesaver doesn’t contain artificial colouring, perfumes or parabens and is especially formulated to relieve the symptoms of allergies and eczema. It works by creating a barrier that prevents new flare-ups, while moisturising and replenishing the missing natural ceramide components, typical of eczema-riddled skin. Available at Clicks.


E45 Cream (R79)

Because of its emollient action, E45 penetrates deep into the cracks of the skin to provide long-lasting moisturisation and protection. It’s also excellent as a supportive treatment in burns of varying degrees, particularly where joints are involved and movement is impaired by dryness and cracking. Available at TakeALot.

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