3 Women Share What Finally Worked To Clear Up Their Eczema

by | Apr 3, 2018 | Health

If you suffer from eczema, the itch fest is likely upon you right now as the seasons change and your skin tries desperately to adjust. While everyone’s skin is different and you should always check with your dermatologist before trying out a new treatment (obvs), we asked three women to share what worked to clear up their eczema in the hopes that one of their strategies (or aspects of it) might work for you too.

1. The Not-So-Crazy Combo Treatment

“It sounds like crazy combo but I changed a couple of things at pretty much the same time and it made all the difference. The first is that I ditched the cream… Yep, ditched it. I swopped it out for ointment, so essentially upping the oil to water ratio in my skincare for a winning effect.

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“I also use super-simple, natural face oils instead of face creams. Want to know which? I swear by tubs of Epizone E Ointment and Kiehl’s Daily Reviving Face Oil.

Epizone E ointment, R75, available at Clicks

“Next up? Changing things on the inside… I quit sugar. Refined sugar. Quitting sugar reduces inflammation in the body and is known to have a noticeable improvement on several skin conditions. Score. It took a couple of weeks, but it has made a huge difference to how prone I am to eczema outbreaks… Winning.”

2. The Prescription-Plus-Lifestyle Treatment

“I used to struggle quite badly with eczema – under my armpits, around my fingers and on my eyelids and in patches around my ankles and at the back of my knees. I constantly had an ‘itchy’ patch – sometimes the patches would stay for months!

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“The first thing I changed was my deodorant – I have now used Mitchum fragrance-free roll-on for 7 years and it doesn’t fail me. I stopped using cheap aromatic lotions and shower gels. I use natural body butter and oils now and Dove soap. I also use sunblock and face wash for sensitive skin. However, this does not mean that I still don’t get eczema breakouts. But using these products means that the eczema is less aggravated and goes away more quickly.

Mitchum Advanced Control unscented roll-on, R43.95 at Dis-Chem

“The biggest change I made that directly impacted the frequency of breakouts was to cut out eating dairy and wheat. My skin was so much better for it!

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“And the truth (for me at least) is that there is no over-the-counter miracle cure and that any one who struggles with skin conditions like this should go an see a dermatologist. I have a prescription cream called Advantage, which I use a little bit of whenever I have a small breakout and it’s gone within a day – much to my relief!”

3. And… You Might Need To Tweak Your Meds

“I’ve always been on a regimen of allergy meds for asthma. When I developed eczema for the first time as an adult, I had to tweak the meds I was taking. Turns out different pills are better for different allergic responses. Who knew? Then enter SBR Cream. It’s the only moisturiser my dermatologist lets me use. It goes on like clay but it’s so hydrating and when my skin is feeling irritated, it almost seems to heal my skin overnight. It’s also cheap!”

SBR Repair Cream, R229.95 at Dis-Chem

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