5 Essential Make-Up Looks That’ll Cover You For Every Occasion

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Applying make-up isn’t hard – the hard part is actually doing it correctly and wearing it to the right occasion. Suddenly worried? Don’t be. We’re here with the basics of how and where.

Walking The Dog

This is the everyday look you can never really go wrong with – when done right. Wink. Remember, less is more here. Your basics: foundation for coverage, a bit of eyeliner, eyeshadow and a lip tint. Good to go.

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To The Office

Here you need to look professional – which means you’ll require a tad more make-up. Your starting point would be foundation, concealer and blush. Don’t shy away from that smokey eye either. Play with eyeshadow, mascara, red lipstick and pop of perfume.

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To Turn Up

This is your licence to go all-out. To get that dramatic look, toy with unusual eyeshadow colours and applications, thick, painted-on eyebrows, and even extreme tinted lip colour treatments. You can even add a little glitter or shimmering bronzer to take this look completely OTT. You’re partying – it’s allowed.

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On A Date

Wanna look sexy AF? Then you can’t be more and you can’t be less – just enough. Read: red lipstick, a smokey eye, a flawlessly covered face (foundation plus concealer!), highlighter and a bit of blush. Perfume encouraged.

To A Wedding

This is a special event, so as a guest your key words are ‘subtle’ and ‘low-key’. Don’t go wild and try to out-shine the bride now. We’re talking make-up that’s mid-professional and sexy. A bit of foundation (BB cream works well too), blush, a little bronzer and some smoky eyeshadow – but keep it tame.

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