This Is How Your Exercise Routine Can Improve Your Sex Life

by | May 16, 2018 | Sex & Love

Did you know that women could burn between anywhere 210 to 420 kilojoules during sex and men between 375 to 630 kilojoules (during a 30 minute “intimate affair”)?

But what if you’re simply too exhausted and sex is the last thing on your mind? The answer? “Exercise!” says health expert, fitness coach and athlete, Jody C. “Regular exercise brings physical and mental benefits to the body. It helps release stress and boosts the release of endorphin hormones; the ones that make us feel good. All these benefits have a direct influence on our sex lives. Exercise also gives us more body confidence and self-esteem, which helps to us to participate in and enjoy sex even more!”

So what if you are starting from scratch, now that you know the truth? What kind of exercise should you do?

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“I believe in balance. Even too much exercise can dampen sex drive and it’s not good for the body on any level as it causes an imbalance in hormones, which results in loss of libido and of course exhaustion. Cardio vascular strength is important, as it will enhance ones ‘durability’ during sex. Excessive sweating and being out of breath can be a huge turn off! Strength training can improve stamina and orgasm intensity, which means longer pleasure and enjoyment. No one wants good sex to end in two minutes, right?

“Other benefits of exercise like flexibility and core strength can help with the adventurous side of sex. So you can do a little more than just the ‘missionary’…it helps to keep things exciting,” she says.

Those who take exercise very seriously often take fitness enhancement products, which can actually influence sex drive in a bad way. “Certain of these products have a very negative effect on sexual well-being. Many affect hormones, such as testosterone and oestrogen. Everything from loss of libido, inability to get an erection or maintain one, to dryness and low self-esteem can be experienced,” explains Jody.

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If dryness “down there” is a problem for you, Jody suggests using a great natural, safe lube (like Lubrimaxxx) that can assist you. “It is made from all-natural ingredients and has been tried and tested significantly without any negative side effects. In fact, it is so safe, you can actually eat it if you’re up for it. Whatever turns you on!”

Exercise in the morning vs. exercise in the evenings fortunately makes no difference. “Just take into account when you have the most energy to get the ultimate results out of a workout and when you and your partner prefer sex. If sex is preferred in the morning, perhaps exercise in the evening would be more realistic and vice versa.”

“Remember, it’s not just the sex itself that can benefit the kilojoules burnt. Feeling good after great sex can have a very positive influence on your self-esteem and energy levels. Many find themselves wanting to go for a run or a workout, or wanting to eat healthier – it’s an amazing mental boost for your well-being!”

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